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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Will Republicans Fall into Line?

That is the big question many will have to answer in the coming weeks and months and on election day. The Party apparatus should be ashamed of a primary that permits a fifth of the electorate to decide who the candidate will be. The voters in more than 20 states will have little if any say, unless they vote the candidate of their heart and get delegates for those who have dropped out but are still on the ballot. The best that most of us who reject McCain can hope for is that he doesn't collect enough delegates to seal the nomination. If he is prevented from reaching 1,191 we can fight it out at the convention. Of course that is probably wishful thinking, but consider that the concept of America, of a Republic, and an electorate free to choose those who govern was also wishful thinking. So hoping and working to prevent McCain from being our only choice will at least help me feel like I tried and even if we fail, we will have at least tried, unlike our party who I think has selected McCain because they expect to lose in November. So you Republicans who like Romney, vote for him if he's on the ballot. You like Thompson, do the same. You like Huckabee, do the same. McCain will probably get the nod in the end, but at least those of us who don't think he would make a good President will have had our say.