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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

She Won't Quit Until You Hit Her With a Bat

If anybody thnks that Madame Hilary will lay down because the omniscient Obama seems like he has the momentum and can't lose, they are seriously mistaken. She won't stop until you hit her with a bat. She won't stop until she convinced that she can't lie, steal or cheat to get it. She won't stop until every last delegate has been hammered and nailed. She won't stop until every play has been tried. She won't stop until she is hammmered into oblivion. Now there are some who think these are admiral qualities. They won't be able to accuse of her not having "enough fire in the belly." They won't be able to say she's a "quitter." Depite all the injuries inflicted by Bill on the campaign trail-the biggest one being when he said "vote for me."-he will be trotted out again for the last ditch efforts to win Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. If you do the math neither candidate will have enough votes to get the nod before the convention so there it is. Showdown at the convention, unless the party elders can convince one of the two to back off. If it comes to that they will ask Obama to make the sacrifice. He's younger, has future opportunities in contrast to Hilary, for whom this the last shot at regaining the grandest House of all. After all it's hers, isn't it? - Up the Revolution.