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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bill Maher - what a jerk

When you consider that David Shuster was suspended for his the Clintons are "pimping" Chelsea remark it's hard to figure out why Bill Maher wasn't at least criticized or reprimanded for his "why couldn't he (Rush Limbuagh) croak from it (an overdose of drugs) instead of Heath Ledger." It is not uncommon for liberals to escape scrutiny or criticism for offensive remarks made about conservatives. Consider Alec Baldwin's admonition that we should stone Henry Hyde and his family to death, or the black democrat who said Clarence Thomas' wife should feed him bacon and eggs every day so he could die of clogged arteries or have a heart attack. These are just some of the remarks made by liberals about conservatives that have gone by the boards without criticism and yet every time something is said about liberals the perpetrators are reprimanded, suspended, fired and if it were possible to do worse it would be done. So I'm going to take a shot at getting the ire of those who would defend liberals- Bill Maher is the biggest, cruelest, unfunny effing moron around today, except for maybe Sean Penn, whose stupidty is only surpassed by his inability to speak without a script. Maher's idea of political insight are one liners that draw laughs from empty-headed fools, Larry King, his HBO audiences and his friends. You could put all of his political insight into a thimble and there would still be some room. He makes pimping seem like an honorable profession.