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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fear, Loathing and Irony in New York

I often think I have shined a light on the person whom I think is the worst sort of human being and then the very next day I find someone else. Today that someone is Pulitzer prize winning author and poison pen writer Thomas Friedman, whose loathing of President Bush and Vice Preisdent Cheney is only outdone by my loathing for him. This flatworlder who thinks the world was beautiful until Bush and Cheney came along should be stripped and sent naked into the wilderness. In his view every problem that currently exists can be traced to Bush and Cheney. America was loved and adored until Bush and Cheny reacted to 911 by going to war. America was the champion of the poor, ill , hungry and destitute, until Bush and Cheney came along. All the problems of the world will be gone when Bush and Cheney are gone, he seems to imply. Well, Mr. Friedman, you will get your wish in less than a year when Bush and Cheney will be gone. What will you do without a stipen from the Bush State Department that paid you to speak in Kenya, where you convienently took your wife on America's dime, and weren't being paid by The New York Times? The State Department employee that hired this backstabbing dirtbag knowing full well his loathing of the President ought to be given a choice assigment in the hills of Pakistan. Without America, Thomas Friedman would be nothing but a blowhard and one of the world's poor writers. Instead he is rich, well paid and immune from the illness and disease he fears because of a President and country he loathes.