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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Petition For Privacy

The latest “trumped” up scandal to try to destroy or at least cripple the Trump Presidency concerns the British firm Cambridge Analytics. They are accused (though they claim otherwise) of selling information and data to the Trump Presidential Campaign, as if this is some unusual act like necrophilia or something. Facebook was the first to complain, despite the fact that it opened the Facebook user base to the Presidential campaign of Barack Obama, which in part is credited with allowing the campaign to reach millions of new Millennial voters. However all that is a distraction from the real issue. Privacy is vanishing and by virtue of our inaction we are cooperating in its demise. Data about us is collected from our computers, telephones, jobs, credit bureaus, government agencies, organizations and clubs we participate in. Non-profit organizations sell our names, addresses, ages, salaries, employment data, income level and the list goes on. Even the Dept. of Motor Vehicles sells your information when you register your car or boat or trailer or truck and your driver’s license. Google and other apps track and record your every move, every store, every destination  throughout the day and sends to a central location where it is stored and sold. When you search for something on the web, stores selling that item start appearing in your browser. If you buy something the store or place you bought it from appears in your browser to sell you more. What is even worse is you can’t escape it without returning to the Stone Age. Did you ever try to close a Facebook account. It is almost impossible and even after you have succeeded, which can take months, they still keep your data. What about Google; they ain’t stupid. With a little work you can find out where all this monitoring activity takes place on your phone, however if you, for instance, turn off “location services” things like Google Maps or I-Phone’s  Find my Phone app wont work. I could go on for a long time on this but you get the idea. I hope that when the Congress looks into the collection and distribution of the personal data of individuals it decides that we need some protection from such intrusive activity. Privacy laws must be updated and people must have better options for opting out of what can only be called subversive and intrusive activity.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Look Out For Democrats in Republican Clothing

Everyone has heard the saying “a wolf in sheeps clothing,” and that is what we see in the Carter Lamb strategy of the 2018 Democrat Party. In the Pennsylvania Special Election Democrat Carter Lamb campaigned on supporting the Second Amendment, being Pro Life, supporting Trump’s tariff program and eschewing House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. In other words he campaigned as a Conservative in a district President Trump took by 20 points and was until this election a safe Republican seat. The Democrat Party just wants to win any Republican seat. Whatever conservative notions Carter Lamb has will be exorcised the day he is sworn in. He will vote for gun control, support abortion, be against the President’s tax and tariff programs and support whatever Leader the Democrats put up, be it Pelosi or someone else. Carter Lamb’s talking points and campaign rhetoric fooled enough Republicans to win the election by a small and still contested margin of 601 votes. Hopefully enough voters paid attention and now understand the Democrat’s Carter Lamb strategy. Do not be fooled by Democrats in Republicans suits and dresses. Republicans must keep the House and Senate to move the Trump Agenda.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

California: America’s First Third World State

California is on its way to becoming the first third world state in America. With a middle class leaving the state in big numbers California is becoming a state of two classes.  The rich, powerful and connected living in gated, walled and guarded compounds, and poor white, minority, and illegal alien squatters living in slums, tent cities and the empty homes and commercial buildings deserted by its fleeing residents. California is the 6th largest economy in the world and recent decisions by California officials have moved the state into the third world danger zone. The state has become a magnet for the homeless and more than 2.5 million illegal aliens. Vagrants populate the streets of its major cities, tent cities are visible along its major roads and at the same time the rich, powerful and connected lived in fenced compounds with armed guards to protect them from the riff-raff. The state government has decided it will chose which laws it will support and which it will not. When it’s citizens make the same choice there will be no law and third worldism will have arrived in what may become a less than golden state. These are the things that characterize third world countries. California, it seems, is on its way to becoming the first third-world State.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Reducing School Shootings Smartly

The Florida school shooting, like the many before it, horrifies most of us and we want them to stop; but it ain’t that easy. It is more complicated than gun control and the 2nd Amendment. It is more complicated than arresting someone for a social media posting and the 4th Amendment. It is more complicated than screaming at the President, protesting the non-action of Congress and blaming the FBI, although in this case they are nakedly guilty of inaction. Sometimes you need to go all the way back to the beginning. Every cop starts his career walking or riding a beat and that is where we have to go to better prevent school shootings. One of the most effective ways to reduce crime is the presence of police officers. A cop on the corner with a gun will make most would-be criminals think twice. So a simple stop gap measure to reduce such incidents would be to have cops include stops at schools within their beat. It is a statistical fact that most police time is not spent fighting crime but preventing it. Cops on the beat stopping at schools at unpredictable times as part of their daily activity could create a significant barrier to someone contemplating becoming a “professional school shooter.” I can hear the complaints already, but it is a suggestion that could be integrated easily into an officers daily routine and would probably be more successful than protests by terrified students and activity by gun control advocates or the NRA. Such a plan could be implemented nationwide easily and would not require any more resources than currently being spent on law enforcement. Give it chance, it’s for our children.

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Immigration Solution

The U.S. Senate has gone home after failing to pass four separate immigration bills. This turns out to be the expected result because in truth neither party wants reform that works. Both sides want reform that works for their donors and their party’s goals if you believe what you see and read. Democrats have gambled they will not be hurt by their failure to resolve DACA. Republicans in the House are continuing to work on the Goodlatte Bill. The DACA deadline is approaching. The solution for President Trump should be easy; just enforce the existing law. But, an intransigent Congress, a runaway Judiciary and a swamp filled with alligators and snakes in the Executive Branch makes it difficult. The largest number of illegal aliens are those that have overstayed their Visas. Some have overstayed more than 25 years and have never been visited by the INS. Try that as an American in Mexico and you find its Immigration Policia at your doorstep.  It seems that while taxpayers work their butts off paying taxes, many INS employees consider their jobs paid vacations and enforcing immigration laws has become the pervue of the Courts. It is time for the President to demand INS begin contacting and deporting Visa overstays. Let’s start there and see what happens.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Social Media Should Not Silence Jihad

Intelligence agencies are now asking that social media providers (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) do more to filter out objectionable materials like sites used by ISIS to recruit terrorists, hate sites and the like. It is a big mistake. Once we start filtering the internet it is only a matter of time until it is censored and then the question becomes who decides. The solution to this dilemma is for intelligence agencies to do their job. The FBI, CIA, State Department and the branches of military intelligence have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of personnel who could be assigned to combing the web for Jihad recruitment sites and use current technology to shut them down or make them unworkable. Listening to these agency heads whine is sickening and listening to them ask Facebook to do their job is insufferable. The job is difficult, but far from impossible.

Friday, January 19, 2018

It’s Time For The S Word

And that S word is sedition. It is being practiced by individuals in the FBI, the Justice Department, State Governors, Big City Mayors, Attorney’s Generals in some states, as well as many individuals in the Democrat Party and the Obama Administration. Sedition is defined as the “incitement of resistance or insurrection against lawful authority.” We see it happening every day and we are learning it has been happening since President Trump entered the race in 2016. We have learned the Democrat Party paid for an unverifiable Dossier on Trump, which was passed off and accepted as serious intelligence by the FBI. The FBI then used it to get a FISA warrant to intercept communication between Trump campaign officials and possibly Trump himself and gave that information to individuals in the Obama Administration to use in the Democrat effort to defeat Trump in the 2016 Presidential Campaign. This effort to alter the outcome of the 2016 election continues in the form of “resistance.” The House Intelligence Memo by Rep. Dennis Nunez exposes much of the Executive Branch members of this seditious resistance. Some big city Democrat Mayors and Blue State Governors are ignoring immigration laws, the AG of California is threatening to prosecute any employer in the state who assists ICE, and many cities and states are declaring themselves sanctuaries for illegal immigrants and drugs deemed illegal by federal law. These activities meet the definition of sedition  and it is time for good men to act to curtail and end this unlawful resistance and attempt at insurrection.