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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Republican Redo - The Stupid Party

The Republican Party should rename it self The Stupid Party. After our incendiary election, the Democrat effort to rig and steal the election, the collusion of the media to help the Democrats and the now obvious obstruction by the Democrats in every facet of governing, a small faction the Republican Party, that couldn't see the forest for the trees decided to sabotage their own President, the one they claimed they needed to "get things done." The Republicans proved two things yesterday. They proved they don't understand how ObamaCare is constructed and that the Democrat Party is working in concert with the bureaucracy to destroy any attempt by President Trump to change it. By voting down the package the Freedom Caucus has taken away the ability of the HHS Secretary to alter the regulations to control the health care market. For years the Republicans paraded the pile of 30,000 pages of ObamaCare regulations and said "this is the problem." They were right then and they were wrong yesterday. By forcing the cancellation of the vote the Freedom Caucus stops Secretary Price from de-regulating ObamaCare. The Republican's failure to vote on the bill gives the Democrats new hope that their obstruction techniques are effective and that is why the party should be renamed The Stupid Party.