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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Republicans Surrender Kagen Nomination

It looks like the Republicans will back down in the Elena Kagen nomination squabble. I would call it a nomination battle, but that would be incorrect. For a battle both sides have to fight and the Republicans have decided surrender is the better option so they won't have to contest Elena Kagen's anti-constitutional viewpoints, her lack of judicial experience, her questionable reasoning and intellect and most of all her unwillingness to do the very thing that she suggested in an article about the nomination process: answer questions. So the Democrats, who never fail to take advantage of a situation, are using the hearings as a way to attack the Supreme Court for its recent decision that permits corporations to openly contribute to elections. This ruling has the Democrats in a tizzy because corporations will now openly have the same level of influence as unions, a playing field the unions and the Democrats would like to leave uneven in their favor. It's too bad that Jeff Sessions had to stand alone.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That Sweet Feeling

Geral Petraeus must feel certain amount of sweet revenge having a President who treated him badly and failed to show any support for him as a Senator now having to call on him to head up operations in Afghanistan after the bush league antics of General McChrystal and his Merry Men. What a bunch of dopes. Airing the inside view on Obama and others in his Administration in the presence of a Rolling Stone reporter. They should all be fired just for that. If it's plain to almost everyone else in the country that the Obama Administration has no idea how to manage anything, it must be very clear to the Military. The question really is will General Petraeus let the military fight and win or will he continue to support a losing strategy that can never win? Last year I penned a column called Let 'Em Fight or Bring 'Em Home; the question remains the same.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Put A Bag on Obama's Head

It’s a good thing there are no paper bags in the Oval Office. If there were Obama would already know he doesn’t know how to get out of one. This is an American President that appears incapable of anything remotely related to problem solving of any kind. Obama seems absolutely out of his depth. It’s hard to know how he can kick somebody’s ass, when it appears he can’t fight his way out of a paper bag.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Didn't Change a Thing

Tonight's speech by the President did not change a thing. The leak is not stopped. The President can't get out of his own way. Alternative energy as he understands it is a myth. He may never seal the oil leak, but he has sealed his own fate. He will not run in 2012.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tinkering with America Obama Style

In an act than can only be called a paltry effort to cover his own ass before it gets kicked the President will do the overnighter to the Louisiana coast to make up for his failure to act decisively on the Oil Spill. He could have temporarily repealed the Jones Act and let non-American flagged vessels help out. He could have told the environmentalists to hold their water while oil is being burned off the ocean surface. He could have permitted American entrepreneurs who have crowded YouTube and television with thousands of ideas to clean up the oil from surface water, marshes and tributaries. He could have done some of all of these things, but he didn't. Instead he dithered, made excuses and tried to find others to blame while claiming to take responsibility. Does he really think the solution is to regulate BP and the oil industry out of business? Does he really think that further starving the nation's energy supply will improve our ailing economy, create jobs and keep the nation moving? We need more oil not less. We need more shallow water and land-based drilling. If the White House is serious about decreasing our dependence on foreign oil it will authorize exploration and drilling throughout America. We have the land, we have the oil. The spill proves we have vast amounts, so saying there isn’t enough to be significant is just sophistry. Stop fooling around. America is not a tinker toy so stop tinkering and get to work.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wrong-Way Obama

When a course of action is considered to be unsustainable most people would stop. Not President Obama. When he determines something is unsustainable he does more of it. For example, last year he said the deficit spending pathway we are on is unsustainable. So what did he do? He increased spending and will continue to do so until our national debt is larger than our gross national product. Yesterday, in a conference with Mahmoud Abbas, a man without standing in Gaza, Obama said the current situation in Israel is unsustainable. So what does he do? He gives $900 million of taxpayer money to Abbas for the people of Gaza, most of which will wind up in Swiss banks for use by the Abbas and his friends, much in the same way as the previous billions given to the PLO have found their way into the bank accounts of Arafat’s widow. Then Obama puts the onus on Israel to solve the problem by removing its naval blockade of Gaza, which will result in the transfer of weapons from other Middle East nations to continue the offensive against the Jewish state. So the Obama solution, despite his rhetoric, is the obliteration of Israel, a goal he may share with Iran, HAMAS, Hezbollah, Syria, Louis Farrakhan and Reverend Jeremiah Wright, among others. The most unsustainable part of this entire fiasco is the Obama Presidency. A Presidency that is apparently capable of making the wrong move almost every time.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Helen Thomas and the Media

Now that Helen Thomas is gone from the White House press room it comes to light that nearly every reporter knew she was an anti-Semite. Her anti-Israel politics were apparently well-known. What is even worse is she was given a front seat in the press room as a reward for her longevity despite the fact she had not reported straight news for more than a decade. She was an opinion columnist in a sea of active reporters and her abrasive style was extremely unprofessional. Despite this the reporters in the room, like those in the 60's who knew JFK was sleeping around and never reported it until years later, never voiced a complaint or had the decency to tell the American public who was working in their White House and had access to the President. Maybe it's not a surprise that the White House Press Corp was so close-mouthed about it, but it is disappointing and makes me wonder what else they are not telling.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cordoba's D-Day

What is the phobia among some Muslims that makes them think that Americans think all Muslims are evil or our enemy or whatever it is they go on and on about. Most Americans do not think that all Muslims are our enemies: only the ones that have tried or succeeded to kills us. What about Muslims that call America the Great Satan or beheaded Nick Berg on the internet; are they the enemy? What about those who burned the bodies of contract workers in Iraq and hung them from a bridge. What about the Muslims that flew planes into the Pentagon, the World Trade Center and were thwarted by brave Americans over the skies of Pennsylvania? How about Major Hasan? And what about the ones who seem to be planning violence or murder over and over again? At the June 6th Mosque protest in downtown Manhattan Daisy Khan of the American Society for Muslim Advancement told CNN "There is a lot of ignorance about who Muslims are." She called Cordoba a "community center with a prayer space in it." She called it an opportunity for Muslims living in New York to "give back" to the community. Many Muslims view Cordoba as victory over non-Muslims. Plots, plans and conspirators are caught almost every week planning against American people and American cities. Yes Daisy, we may be ignorant about "all" Muslims, but we are not stupid. We know when the proverbial thumb is being thrust in our eye. We recognize when someone wants to put salt on our wounds. We recognize when someone wants to defile our dead and spit in our face. Cordoba is nothing short of all of these things and attempting to gloss over it by saying it is Americans who are ignorant about Muslims only proves that Muslims like you really think we are stupid.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

D-Day 2010

On June 6, 1944, the Allies assaulted the beaches of Normandy and began the battle that preserved a free world. One June 6, 2010, the 911 Hardhats and friends of America meet at Park Place to protest the presence of the Cordoba Cultural Center, a shrine to Islam a mere two blocks from Ground Zero. Our government seems unable to recognize our emermy. Perhaps we can help them.

Message to Congressman Steve Israel

I received an email from my U.S. Congressman noting his concern for the Gulf oil spill and its potential effect on our environment. As he is a Democrat he is using the oil spill as a rationale for more regulation and higher energy taxes. I sent him the following response: I hope that drilling for oil on land and closer to shore is part of the solution. Nuclear power should also be included. If this explosion, which is suspicious if only because oil is so difficult to ignite in the first place, had occurred in 500 feet of water instead of 5000 feet it would have been plugged on the first day. It is the current level of federal regulation that has pushed oil developers into such deep water. I know you disagree. I am just disappointed that you will not do anything to be better informed or buck your party.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Obama Slanders Deceased Vets

After 500 days of this President you must ask yourself "how could a guy with such big ears be so politically tone deaf. Earlier this week he used the phrase "on behalf of a grateful nation" when he presented a music award to Paul McCartney. This phrase is recited in national cemeteries everywhere when family members of a deceased veteran are giving the American Flag that adorns his or her coffin. It is not some lackadaisical phrase used to thank people for mowing the Whitehouse lawn or giving a music award. It is a sacred phrase. A phrase of honor and respect reserved for those who have served in the armed forces of the United States. In typical fashion Obama tried to cover all the bases and since he failed to say it on Memorial Day, when it would have been appropriate, he decided to stick it in the McCartney speech, where it was entirely inappropriate. We can give McCartney a pass on his tasteless comments about George Bush, since Obama and McCartney’s belle Michelle went to such great lengths to insult the Queen of England. It’s to bad McCartney didn’t have the courage to mention their lack of etiquette. All this just proves that people with big, finely tuned ears don’t always hear best.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill - Whose Fault Is It Any Way?

When the analysis is finally done and all the participants are fully investigated it will show that the BP is not the only culprit at fault for the Gulf oil spill. Analysis will show that the EPA and Federal regulators whose exploratory restrictions pushed oil developers into mile-deep water are at fault as much as the developers themselves. If this accident had occurred on land or in a few hundred feet of water the well would have been capped the same day it blew. An investigation will also show that the environmental lobby made the situation worse by stopping the burn-off of oil in the absence of an impact study.