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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Obama Pal Mark Zuckerberg a Conservative?

I have never yet seen true conservative individuals or groups pretend to be liberal and try get their political opponents to vote them by trickery, but over the past decade I have seen liberal individuals and groups do it many times. For example a few years ago in New Jersey some liberals’ candidates offered themselves to the electorate as "Tea Party" candidates to dilute the conservative electorate and engineer Democrat wins. The new "Americans for a Conservative Direction" immigration group is a new twist on an old strategy; It is just a blatant spit in your eye advertising campaign by Obama and the Democrats, fronted by FaceBook CEO and Obama pal Mark Zuckerberg to portray supporters of Amnesty as in favor of conservative positions on immigration. I went to the site to have a look for myself: It looks okay. Has a few well thought out paragraphs that repeat the common goals; pay a fine, learn English, join the back of the line, etc. It includes a background check, no benefits, E-verify, all the buzz phrases to make conservative swoon. The only problem is many of these things will not be in the final bill or the immigration situation would be worse. Leaving illegal aliens to care for themselves for 13 years without assistance would leave our cities in chaos. Taking note that only half of the three million illegal residents eligible for amnesty in 1986 joined the program, what do we do with those who do not sign up this time? If we do not deport them you could say that is "de facto amnesty." This ad in now running on television and the conservative talk radio circuit, but it is an ad developed by and for liberal supporters of the Democrat Immigration Reform bill now in the Senate, but pretending to be a conservative voice. I am not the first to discover this, but I can't resist pointing it out. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Is Snowden a Snow Job?

It has occurred to me that the NSA leak story is just too convenient to be anything but a planned diversion to take the IRS, EPA, and other Obama data abuse scandals off the front page and replace them with the biggest data mining story of them all. By smushing all the data into one big story, you can confuse the difference between what is legal behavior and what is not. You can confuse which data is legal to collect and use and which data is not. You can confuse what data is usable and what data is not. Always remember the old KISS principle: Keep it Simple Stupid. Data mining of the type done by the NSA is legal, though it may be questionable. Data dumping and targeting of political enemies as done by the IRS and the EPA is illegal. Of that there is no question. So why then is the media suddenly focused on what will blow over, and ignoring that which can be fatal to Obama? Ask yourself that question. In the meantime, Keep it Simple Stupid and bring a snow shovel.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's not the Surveillence, it's the Misuse of Information

Wasn't it Seinfeld's mailman nemesis Newman who said "When you control information, you control the world?" Well that is the problem President Obama now faces. While there are some arguments against data mining on such as scale it cannot be argued that we must have some weapon against enemies of the nation. Surveillance of the kind now being reported, which is truly amazing in scope, is a way to accomplish that goal. Obama's problem is that he and those that support him have demonstrated they are willing to collect and use illegally obtained data to defeat their political enemies. The IRS scandal clearly shows the extra-prosecution and extended investigation of conservative non-profits during the 2010-2012 period. It is now apparent that Mitt Romney's tax info was obtained illegally by Senator Harry Reed during the election cycle. Is is clear that the IRS audits of conservatives, such as the Koch brothers, was politically motivated. It is also clear that some IRS employees made the confidential tax data of some individuals available to liberal-leaning publications and think thanks. One of the conservative groups awaiting a long three-year struggle for a 6-month 501c process was not only harassed by the IRS, but visited by several federal departments as well. For most Americans this is cheating and while many have gotten used to it, most of us resent it and rightfully so. The only real consolation is that  the scope of the data being collected is so vast, it's unlikely it will be useful except in the rare circumstance, but that doesn't make cheating okay.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Governor Christie Regains Poise

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie played smart yesterday and named NJ Attorney General Jeffery Chiesa to serve in the U.S. Senate, a seat desperately needed by Republicans in the upcoming budget and policy debates. It can make a significant difference in the result. To my detractors, who are myriad; it is always partisan Democrats and squishy Republicans that call for bi-partisanship. Democrats always want Republicans to be bipartisan but rarely offer the same unless forced. My squishy Republican friends will have to speak for themselves. In my view Politics is catering to interest groups, with a eye on The Constitution and balancing the three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.  The Democratic groups are those that place groups, social justice and anti-growth policies at the forefront and are based on the concept that all people should be equally poor and bereft except those that makes the rules. The Republican groups are those that believe we should all become as legally wealthy as we can and not do anything to kill the Golden Goose called the economy. Pick a side.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's the easy ones that kill ya!

Well today is another one of those days. I get to test my prognostication skills against the Governor of New Jersey. Governor Christie: Your are done as the Republican nominee in 2016 because it's the easy ones that kill ya. All you had to do was appoint a Republican replacement to help your party in the U.S. Senate and you would have found a well of support out there, but instead you will now find the electoral rest stop. Sure you might win a few primaries, but your failure to support your party will hurt you more. If you were a Democrat you would have appointed Booker. Booker has learned the cost of disloyalty and will never vote against the Democrats in the Senate. As a Republican you have hurt your electorate, hurt your party and failed to do the right thing, the easy thing, the smart thing. Let's see how that effects your race in 2016.