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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Goodbye Billary, Hello OH Bama - Free at last.

Just beyond the halfway point in this Democrat Primary, Obama has moved past Hilary Clinton in the delegate count and the popular vote. There are those that think that the party edlers (The Super Delegates) will come to her aid, but for that to happen she must win either the delegate count or the popular vote. Even if Hillary wins Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Obama will win enough delegates to prevent her from reaching the magic 2,025. If that is the case certainly the rules fight over Florida and Michigan will come into play. All this is to say that the Democrat prophecy concerning a big sweep in November may not come to pass after all because that scenario had Clinton as the nominee. Obama's success in the primary points to one thing. Hardly anyone in the elecorate can face the prospect of another eights years of Clinton, whether that is Hil or Bill, even if the party elders think that she was their best chance to win. So there are defectors now. Former and fading Hilary supporters who sense an opportunity to win without having to suffer the insufferable hillbilly gangsters from Arkansas. (My apologies to real hillbillies.) Many supporters now think there is another horse that can take them to a White House victory. If Obama has more delegates and more popular votes for all the primary contests the so-called Super Delegates will not be able to save Hilary's bacon. And, if they can't that negates the scenario in which the Democrats sweep because, in truth, while Barach is new, fresh, brash, and popular, McCain, despite his age, will be a formidable opponent. And finally, if they can't (save her bacon) Hil and Bill will finally go home, wherever it is. For Democrats it will be liberation, for conservatives it will be relief, but both will be able to say: Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we are free at last.