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Monday, January 18, 2016

Thirteen Hours and Why the Truth Has Not Been Told

The opening of Thirteen Hours, a story of the Benghazi attack from the point of view of three CIA contract soldiers, is a compelling film that raises many questions about what happened and the State Department's  failure to send help when the Annex was under attack. Was it a spontaneous demonstration caused by a video? Apparently not. Secretary Clinton knew it was an attack and said so the next day to the Prime Minister of Egypt and her daughter Chelsea. From the night of the attack the Obama Administration, including The President, Secretary Clinton, Susan Rice and others continued to insist it was a spontaneous demonstration caused by a video. They even said it to the families of the men killed when their bodies were returned to the U.S. Obama even repeated it in his UN Speech almost two months later.

After several Congressional investigations, hundreds, even thousands of hours of testimony, we know the facts: It was a planned attack, everyone involved knew it and tried to keep it hidden and some Americans died unnecessarily. But all of this never gets to the WHY? And the why is the reason for all the confusion, deception and deflection. It may take years to come out but in the end it will be said Benghazi, was not about Obama's re-election, it was a weapons deal gone bad. America was secretly selling weapons to what they thought was a group of "moderate Syrian rebels." Ambassador Stevens and his team discovered that the buyers they thought were Syrian Rebels, were in fact Taliban. The Ambassador attempted to cancel the deal and he was killed, as were all those who failed to get out of the Annex. The Annex was allowed to burn and the men inside were allowed to die to make sure this would not be discovered. I will leave the bickering of what people did say and didn't say about Benghazi but the circumstantial evidence for a weapons deal is pretty strong. 

Less than two weeks before the attack a Turkish freighter loaded with weapons reportedly headed for Gaza to arm Palestinians was conveniently diverted to Libya. Just a coincidence? The Administration was heavily involved in trying to arm Syrian Rebels in Obama's effort to depose Bashar Assad. Unable to organize the opposition in Syria he did the next best thing he could think of. Contact was made with a group in Libya claiming to be Syrian Rebels. Obama was anxious to take out Assad as he had done to Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Muammar Gaddafi. It just so happens that Ambassador Stevens was a friend of Hilary Clinton and she knew he could be depended on to negotiate the deal quietly. However, when the Ambassador learned they were Taliban and tried to call it off he was captured and killed, along with his team. The annex was burned to ground and left unguarded so the evidence that remained could be contaminated or stolen by locals. It was completely vandalized before FBI investigators arrived weeks later.. 

The plan to provide arms to this group was done with the approval of the White House, the State Department, The Defense Department and the Intelligence Directorate, which also means some members of Congress knew about it as well. The investigation into exposing the truth was compromised from the start. Benghazi demonstrates a level of corruption and obstruction by an administration and a go-along, get-along Congress, whose reckless foreign policy set the Middle East on fire starting with Arab Spring, the isolation of Israel, the overthrow of Gaddafi and finally the deal with Iran. Benghazi is the lynchpin in this whole mess. The truth will not come out until well after Obama leaves office.because the corruption involves the Executive Branch, The Congress, The Military and Intelligence.