All the News That's Fit to be Tied

I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It's Time to Trump the Federal Bench

America's courts are being used as a weapon by liberal judges who are intent upon supporting any resistance to announced Trump policy prescriptions. It is time for the President to wrest back the power that rightfully belongs in the Office of the President. From the hold on the first immigration ban to the latest hold on defunding sanctuary cities, the courts are over reaching by nuffifying laws that are already in place, but have not been enforced. The President must defy the courts by enforcing the law and asking Congress to use its impeachment power  to recall judges acting outside their duties as described by the Constitution. It is time for America's judges to be judged.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Marching For Science?

On April 22 there were more than 100 organized events at colleges, universities and Democrat-run cities around the country under the misnomer "Marching for Science." The only trouble was they weren't championing the scientific method, they were supporting scientific indoctrination. They were in support of science they believe and dismissive of science they don't. For example, despite the lack of knowledge concerning the climate change debate most of these marchers believe in it as a destructive concept which we must prevent. On the other hand despite the overwhelming proof that once a human egg is fertilized by human sperm it has 46 chromosomes and is distinctly human, most of these marchers believe abortion is not murder, just a hard choice. Now we come to indoctrination: From birth Humans are the most malleable species. Humans can be trained and indoctrinated to almost any purpose. A human from birth can learn any language or any set of customs. They can be trained to be kind or cruel, gulible or skeptical, honest or dishonest, religious or atheist. They can be taught to believe a given set of facts and without access to contrary information will never disbelieve those facts. For example, TV host Bill Maher said last week that the US was killing people more slowly with CO2 than Assad was killing Syrians with Sarin gas. Apparently he forgot his 7th grade biology where we learned that CO2 and Oxygen share a symbiotic relationship without which there would be no life on Earth. This one little proven, undisputed fact that we learned in the 7th grade puts the lie to the March for Science. If you follow the money it's not about climate change at all. It is about the research funding, which is in the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars, that goes to universities and professional researchers who have a lot to lose if the Congress starts talking a close look at how research money is spent. It's your money.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rep. Nunez Hands Democrats A Win

The Republicans continue to demonstrate why the Democrats consistently kick the GOP around the halls of Congress. Rep. Nunez of the House Intelligence Committee recuses himself from the investigation of the Trump/Russia Connection and Susan Rice leaks of Trump team members. Basically this leaves the committee in the hands of the ranking Democrat, Adam Schiff; a real friend of funding the truth. (Lol) Over and over again the Republicans cave to the ridiculous demands of a drowning Democrat party who would rather take the country down than to observe the "peaceful transition of power" they often espoused before the election of Donald Trump. For my Republican friends who still don't get it; The Democrats are out to destroy you and the President. Fight back or get another job.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Repeal at Last?

Ongoing healthcare talks prove one thing: President Trump will not relent on his promise to repeal ObamaCare and will achieve that goal. The most obvious solution is full repeal, the temporary retention of Medicaid and the withdrawal of the Federal Government from the healthcare business. This is, of course, not possible. However, full repeal should be the first effort. It is something the Republican House and Senate can agree on. They can see through all of the hysteria created by supporters of ObamaCare and know no one will be left to die in the street because they don't have health insurance. Fear is the only defense supporters of the status quo have to defend ObamaCare, which is nothing more than an income guarantee for insurance companies funded by the taxpayers of the United States. Repeal it now.