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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mainstream Media's Sin of Ommission

Nothing could be more offensive than an obvious sin of omission that is designed to achieve a deceitful result. The omission in this case is that Obama made his "citizen of the world speech" in Berlin during the break of a free concert featuring more than one of Germany's most popular bands. Any comparison between the soaring rhetoric of Kennedy or Reagan and Obama in Berlin is purely fictional. The result is that Americans are lead to believe by the mainstreamers that this was some great moment of triumph by the young and audacious Barack, when in fact it was the bands and the music that drew most of the audience. The Obama Campaign took advantage by making an appearence, which was not appreciated by all including German Chancellor Angela Merkal. To an American watching the video of the event it's clear that most of the audience is just standing or sitting and not cheering or clapping. However the actual video has not been shown that much these past few days except the sections that have American flags and sign written in English. It seemed to matter to no one. It wasn't mentioned in The New Times Op-ed section. They apparently missed it on Fox News Sunday, Meet the Press, This Week, Face the Nation, Chris Matthews, the McLaughlin Group, Late Edition or Like It Is. A few people mentioned it late last week after I wrote about it. I won’t mention who because they are already famous enough. The reason I wrote about it is because I am incensed by the idea that America has become so cynical that we permit people to sell the Presidency the way companies sell new cars. Obama is a public relations creation. He is scripted to the letter. He is the ultimate pitch man. There is no doubt he is talented, intelligent, handsome, athletic and compassionate. He is the perfect blend of all the best personality traits wrapped up in one person. He embodies the evolution of a human being. We should be in awe of his perfection and absolution and elect him President so he can help us feel better about ourselves and our country. The mainstream media is desperately trying to convince those tuned into their frequencies that the race is over. It is a Democratic year and not only will Obama be President, but the Congress will have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and almost two-thirds in the House. Obama and the Democrats will be unstoppable. With their new found power they will do all the things they have been promising for years. Americans, provided they are not too rich, will have cradle to grave care provided by the Federal government. There are some detractors from this theory, but they are few and far between. Most of the mainstream media’s editorial and pundit personalities are all in conjunction because most them vote for and financially support the Democratic Party. For them the election is already over and the vote is just a formality to make their dream a reality. They will be fooled again.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jimmy from Brooklyn is Right

Most people wouldn't know who Jimmy from Brooklyn is, but if you live in the New York area and are a fan of talk radio Jimmy is no stranger to you. An avid talk show caller, Jimmy from Brooklyn believes there is an active, working communist, socialist party that is operating world wide with ruling the planet as its ultimate goal. His calls to talk show hosts in many stations provide background on many of today's politically active people in politics, media and academia. The tentacles to the communist, socialist movement are complex and incontrovertible. His mastery of the subject is quite extraordinary and his ability to demonstrate the connection between the "party" and many of the voices you hear reflected in our media and academia is nothing short of amazing. Jimmy has provided lots of information about the influence of the communist movement in organizations like MoveOn.Org and other so-called intellectual think tanks the Environmental Defense Fund and militant groups like Green Peace. It is clear that there are active socialist cells in every major city, as well as most colleges and universities in the United States and Europe, as well as in the developing world. If you examine the language of these various groups you can see their common origin. The socialist movement has camouflaged itself into the opposition movements of governments throughout the world trying to change them from the inside because socialism's attempt to conquer the world from the outside was foiled in the 30’s by Roosevelt, in the 50's by Joe McCarthy and in the 80's by Ronald Reagan. Since the 60’s the Socialists have successfully infiltrated its members into our government and education institutions. Saul Alinksy and Noam Chomski are the two major socialist intellectuals that have influenced many people in our country and represent the intellect behind the anti-Americanism that is so prevalent in our society today. You can see the activity of the American and world socialist movement at every protest against America here and abroad. Everyday young, naive, disenchanted people are taken in by the movement and many remain a part of the socialist movement forever. For example, Alinksy believed that organizing the poor and the powerless (the supposed goal of all socialism) could be done by “community organizing” which was started in the Chicago stockyards by Alinksy himself. Presidential race watchers need only to dwell on the fact that Barack Obama cites his experience as a “community organizer” in Chicago as experience for the Presidency. Obama is a socialist thinker through and through. A cursory examination of his goals and policy statements reflect fealty to the socialist view of the world. Jimmy from Brooklyn is right so its up to the rest of us to not be wrong.

Obama's Traveling Medicine Show Storms Berlin

Barack Obama's reception in Berlin, Germany proves that Germans can be as laizzes faire as Americans when it comes to analyzing the contents of a political speech. I keep asking myself and my friends why people can't see that the Obama Show is just a put-up job. The whole thing is one big fake American Idol Gong Show. It’s the little things like how could 200,000 German-speaking teenagers, Obama entourage members and young European socialists manage to know when to applaud in a speech given in English with no translation. A speech given in a German-speaking country, and filled with American colloquial phrases, which are likely to be misunderstood by people who only learn American English in books. The answer is that the rally is staged. Obama attends a free concert with two of Germany's most popular groups designed to attract lots of young people who show up to hear the music. Obama entourage members and supporters strategically plant themselves near news crew cameras and microphones. At predetermined phrases in Obama's speech, which is always written and never extemporaneous, entourage members and supporters scream, applaud and whistle loudly so it sounds as if the whole stadium is cheering, when in fact is is spread out little pockets of people in the vicinity of the cameras and microphones. The results are an impression that the place is going crazy over Obama when in fact most of them just came to hear the music. Such are the techniques of the Traveling Medicine Show. It is an art from our romantic past when a salesman could ride from town to town in search of those who could be convinced that the elixir of change would make them better only to discover that when the effects wears off they are still themselves. Being a citizen of the world sounds fine after a bottle of Obama’s Magic Change Elixir, but is that the kind of man we want as President of the United States?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meet the Press Stays Liberal Infomercial

NBC's Meet the Press has had a few weeks to adjust to the passing of Tim Russert. It provided them with an opportunity to adjust their coverage from partial to fair and they chose instead to continue their broadcasting of liberal talking points from the environment to politics. Today for example, the first 45 minutes featured former vice-president Al Gore continuing his battle against fossil fuels, and the last 15 minutes featured the Democratic talking points for the week, as espoused by NBC Political Director Chuck Todd and White House reporter David Gregory. Tom Brokaw has demonstrated his absolute inability to ask, not just tough, but any questions to Gore, Todd or Gregory. He let them all pontificate without a single objection and never followed up on any statement. For example when Al Gore talked about wind mill and solar energy Brokaw neglected to point out to Gore that it was reported this week that both types require fossil or nuclear backup due to the limits of how they work. The most obvious example is the absence of wind and sunlight. When he implied that California's forest fires were a result of global warming he was not challenged on the failure of clear cutting dead tress and brush from California's forests, which has been championed by environmental groups for several decades. The clearing of brush and dead tress was the main way in which the damaged caused by summer fires was controlled prior to the emergence of America's Environmental lobby. Al Gore was never pursued on his position that American's must pay the price of high gas because we must move on entirely to alternative energy. Gore offers not a single solution to the price of gas except not to use it or pay the escalating cost. He thinks we should eschew fossil fuel despite the fact that he consumes 10 times as much as the average American with his 22-room house, fleet of cars and private jets. He insists that there are firms successfully producing energy in alternative forms, failing to note that the energy is more expensive, less efficient and more difficult to distribute throughout the country. His view that Americans will be able to create enough energy in their individual homes using wind and solar, and then sell the power back his theoretical nationwide power grid is a just a pipe dream. Further more, that power grid will feature coal, oil and natural gas as its backbone for the next 50 years. Two overlooked items about the use of fossil fuel. In the past 30 years American car companies have reduced the pollution created by cars by 90 percent. In the past 20 years new technologies have emerged for environmentally-friendly oil and gas drilling techniques, clean coal scrubbing and oil-extraction from shale. All these technologies make oil, gas and coal more efficient, less expensive and more environment friendly than they were in the now distant past. Moving on to Chuck Todd and David Gregory we learn, if you can call it that, that the Republicans are shaking in their boots and for all intents and purposes the election is just a formality to the anointing of Barack Obama. Never mind that the election or even the party conventions have not taken place, Todd and Gregory think that Obama's Traveling Medicine Show (See June 28th) is well on it's way to marketing the elixir of change to America. Despite Gregory’s well-known anti-Republican views and Chuck Todd’s obvious infatuation with Obama, Brokaw demonstrated his absolute ignorance about environmental issues and politics. For example when Al Gore said he was elected (in 2000) and did not serve in a discussion about General Grant’s famous quote, “If nominated I will not run, and if elected I will not serve,” Brokaw failed to challenge that statement and treated it as humor. In regard to the environmental discussion Brokaw permitted Gore to take him by the hand and walk him down the path of least resistance. Despite the growing opposition and evidence to the contrary demonstrated just this week by the American Physical Society’s rejection of the human-caused global warming theory and other items previously mentioned Brokaw offered not one tough question, which demonstrates a failure to look outside his own researchers for evidence that was easily available on the web on major magazine, newspaper and television websites. Once again not a single challenging question was asked of any participant on Meet the Press during the entire show. It is becoming fairly obvious that NBC executives have decided they like the declining and abysmal ratings of their cable outlets (MS-NBC and CNBC) so much they want to bring them to the network as well.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Love You Nigga

Hey! It's N-word time again and who better to ask who can say it and who can't than another nigga. It started with Jesse Jackson in an oblique reference to Presidential aspirant Barack Obama. Only last year Jackson urged the black community to ban the word. It continued yesterday when Whoopi Goldberg claimed that by reclaiming the word black people were diminishing its power over them. Now as I understand it, being Caucasian, the epithet "nigger" has been transformed into the term of endearment "nigga," and is used by black people to express both endearment and derision depending on the context. Something like the way people use the work “fuck.” If a Caucasian uses the word it is spelled nigger. If Whoopi or another black person uses it is spelled nigga. Some blacks, and there are many who, will tell you they have heard the word all their lives. These days the word “dog” and the word “nigga” are used interchangeably as exemplified by the movie Training Day and the TV show American Idol. It is used by their friends and their families as a term of endearment and derision, and by their enemies as an insult. Ask Whoopi, she'll tell you. Richard Pryor was a champion of the word nigga and one of the first to reclaim it. His Sugar Ray Robinson routine when something like this: "If a white man and a black man are fighting, I'll always be rooting for the nigga," or "if a black man walked through my neighborhood with clothes like the ones you have on (referring to someone in the audience) saying be black and be proud, my parents would say that nigga's crazy." Yes, black people use it all the time and its okay for them, but not for others who aren’t black. Well the truth is it's not okay. And while you cannot ban words you can acculturate to a society that does not use the word. With rare exceptions it is not a word used any longer by Caucasians to describe black people in civil or public conversation. The civil rights movement and broad based Caucasian support for equality has virtually eliminated the word from the everyday vocabulary of most Caucasians. There are some exceptions, but in the grand scheme of things the word is not used very much by Caucasians. The word has not been forgotten. We just don't use it. For many it's nothing more than good manners. For Whoopi Goldberg and other black people to browbeat others into submission using the word nigger as a weapon is a poor choice. As well, using the word nigga as a term of endearment is even a poorer choice. There is nothing endearing or comforting about the word. Whether you say "I love you nigga" or "he's just a nigger with a checkbook," it's wrong. The word should be relegated to the wastebasket of history. It should be remain a remnant of a horrible past. It should not be part of a progressive future. For any black person to rationalize using the word for any purpose is shortsighted. Black people and Caucasians must remember the past, but we must not live in it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hot Air from Boone Pickens

Boone Pickens the wealthy, self-proclaimed "oil man" is now claiming that we must switch from oil and use natural gas and wind power in order to be free from the our addiction to fossil fuel. His TV ad that features his down-to-earth Texas drawl and the implication that he has a solution is pleasant, reassuring, dishonest and absolute hogwash. Here's why. Natural gas is a by-product of oil and coal exploration and drilling. Except for cow farts and swamp gas, neither of which can be captured or harnessed in enough quantities to create an assured energy supply, the presence of natural gas occurs where there is oil or coal. So it seems rather silly to explore for oil and coal and then only use the smallest portion of the energy that is discovered in this process. Oil and coal are far more efficient than any alternative so far developed and that includes all bio-fuels including ethanol, switch grass, and whatever other crops can be converted into fuel. And while Pickens touts wind-power as an alternative he fails to say that all wind fields must be backed up by a fossil fuel facility equal to 90-percent of its electrical output to make up for the time when there is no wind, which is 70-percent of the time in most places on the earth. And finally, aside from the fact that pure battery power is not up to the task of providing the kind of output required for all our vehicles, charging those batteries will be done on the electrical grid, which will increase the output requirement of all of our electrical plants. In almost every case the use of fossil fuel is required to backup the alternative fuel silver bullet. We will not escape our need for oil and coal no matter what kind of advances we make in alternative fuel research. We will be using oil for at least the next fifty years, so the alternative fuel, anti-oil crowd has to get over itself and let America drill and produce oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear energy or we will find ourselves as destitute as a third world nation, while China and India pass us by using the same energy we disdain. Wake up or walk and be cold.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jesse Was Only Half Right

When Jesse Jackson sounded off on Obama today most people focused on the "I'd like to rip his nuts off" comment rather than his "talking down to black people" comment, which goes to the heart of Obama's problem in the upcoming election. That's assuming of course that the presumptive nominee gets the nomination, which to some seems more and more less likely every day. Since Jesse is black and his interest is "black" America, he has failed to notice that Obama "talks down" to everyone. He talks down to "bitter Americans who cling to their guns and religion." He talks down to "people who can only say "merci beaucoup." He talks down to people who would make English the official language of America while ignoring that French in the official language in France, Italian is the official language in Italy and Spanish is the official language in Spain and Mexico. The simple truth is that Obama is an elitist of the worst kind. He thinks that we are all so ignorant and enamored by gold and trinkets that he can tell us anything and we will be caught in his spell. His arrogance is only outweighed by his audacity. Does he think that he can dump every friend he ever had and get the American people to believe that he won’t dump them when he has to? He dumped the Reverend Wright. He dumped William Ayres. He dumped Tony Rezco. He dumped his Grandmother. He dumped his supporters when he supported FISA and the Supreme Court decision against DC's gun ban. He will betray his supporters on Iraq. What makes you think he won’t dump you when its required to be elected President.