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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Yes, I want to pay taxes

There are stories circulating this week that many immigrants, especially illegal ones, are lining up to pay taxes for the first time. Supporters of illegal immigrants say it because they love America and want to be citizens, and that the Congress is supportive of immigration reform. However, citizens like Glen Colby know the real reason. The Presidents stimulus package will pay from $600 to $1200 for single filers and couples, and up to $2000 for families for people who file 2007 federal tax returns. And these supposedly low-wage folks will all qaulify for the highest possible amount, and get a huge windfall on the backs of legitimate American taxpayers, many of whom will not qualify. Hello America, I'm illegal and I want to pick your pocket again. Wake up America, or your nation will be gone.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Global Warming 101

America needs an education about Global Warming. It is a politcal reality, not a physical reality. It is a new way of taxing you for the air you breathe. For it to be true you must discard almost all the science we have learned regarding physics, chemistry, biology and geology. You must disregard 5th grade life science, freshman biology and doctoral chemistry in order to believe even the simplest constructs of global warming theory. I will show there is a very fine line between those who care about the environment and those who will to go any lengths to get rich off the backs of people everywhere by charging them more money for everything. There is no conspiracy. It is just greed on the most massive scale imaginable. Your paying more for fuel, food and clothes, the vital things, but less and less for the unnecessary things like computers, Ipods, flatscreens and vacations. When you come to understand what is driving the Global Warming train, you will be mad. Damn mad. It is massive effort to separate you from your money. You can never earn enough to satisfy the greedy, but armed with the knowledge of overview you will be able to see for yourself, fight back and perhaps bring sanity back to a government that been overun by con men and hucketers, with only a few good men and women left to fight for us. We must identify who they are and take our country back. During the next week or so I will tackle these topics in a way the separates the fact from the fiction, the thinking from the wishful thinking, and finally show who really profits from what many are now calling the biggest hoax of the decade.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

She Won't Quit Until You Hit Her With a Bat

If anybody thnks that Madame Hilary will lay down because the omniscient Obama seems like he has the momentum and can't lose, they are seriously mistaken. She won't stop until you hit her with a bat. She won't stop until she convinced that she can't lie, steal or cheat to get it. She won't stop until every last delegate has been hammered and nailed. She won't stop until every play has been tried. She won't stop until she is hammmered into oblivion. Now there are some who think these are admiral qualities. They won't be able to accuse of her not having "enough fire in the belly." They won't be able to say she's a "quitter." Depite all the injuries inflicted by Bill on the campaign trail-the biggest one being when he said "vote for me."-he will be trotted out again for the last ditch efforts to win Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. If you do the math neither candidate will have enough votes to get the nod before the convention so there it is. Showdown at the convention, unless the party elders can convince one of the two to back off. If it comes to that they will ask Obama to make the sacrifice. He's younger, has future opportunities in contrast to Hilary, for whom this the last shot at regaining the grandest House of all. After all it's hers, isn't it? - Up the Revolution.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Truth Never LIes

The New York Times attempted smear of John McCain with a front-page article devoid of any substance and filled with innuendo is the opening salvo in an up-coming attempt to disrupt his run for the Presidency. The Times and the Democrats will do to the straight-talking McCain, what the Republicans did to Jack Murtha when he was about to become the Minority Leader under Nancy Pelosi. Murtha was an unindicted conspirator in the ABSCAM Bribery case, the stench of which destroyed his chances at leadership in the House, and John McCain was one of the Keating Five and barley escaped prosecution. The Republican cry of outrage about Murtha will be paid back in kind by the Democrats, who never overlook an opportunity to take revenge. During the discussions that took place today on cable, radio and the web, The Keating Five scandal has been brought up by several people as something that could be even worse than the spector of a McCain/Iseman affair. I brought it up in an earlier post called "The Rumors of His Death." In today's post-Clinton era an affair would make people yawn, but out-and-out bribery would not be condoned. As noted in today's discussions, The New York Times endorsed McCain knowing full-well that they had this story in the works. The endorsement accomplished two things. First, it eliminated every serious primary challenge to McCain. Second, even if McCain won the election America would be getting a defacto liberal president on the important issues of the day: taxes, immigration and national security. But destroying his candidacy is a much better alternative for the Times and their friends. I'm barley hearing what he's saying these days, and McCain-Feingold stops him from hearing me. I think his actions demostrate his point of view better than any words a speechwriter can compose for him. If your going to do it New York Times, do it fast.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Goodbye Billary, Hello OH Bama - Free at last.

Just beyond the halfway point in this Democrat Primary, Obama has moved past Hilary Clinton in the delegate count and the popular vote. There are those that think that the party edlers (The Super Delegates) will come to her aid, but for that to happen she must win either the delegate count or the popular vote. Even if Hillary wins Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Obama will win enough delegates to prevent her from reaching the magic 2,025. If that is the case certainly the rules fight over Florida and Michigan will come into play. All this is to say that the Democrat prophecy concerning a big sweep in November may not come to pass after all because that scenario had Clinton as the nominee. Obama's success in the primary points to one thing. Hardly anyone in the elecorate can face the prospect of another eights years of Clinton, whether that is Hil or Bill, even if the party elders think that she was their best chance to win. So there are defectors now. Former and fading Hilary supporters who sense an opportunity to win without having to suffer the insufferable hillbilly gangsters from Arkansas. (My apologies to real hillbillies.) Many supporters now think there is another horse that can take them to a White House victory. If Obama has more delegates and more popular votes for all the primary contests the so-called Super Delegates will not be able to save Hilary's bacon. And, if they can't that negates the scenario in which the Democrats sweep because, in truth, while Barach is new, fresh, brash, and popular, McCain, despite his age, will be a formidable opponent. And finally, if they can't (save her bacon) Hil and Bill will finally go home, wherever it is. For Democrats it will be liberation, for conservatives it will be relief, but both will be able to say: Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we are free at last.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fear, Loathing and Irony in New York

I often think I have shined a light on the person whom I think is the worst sort of human being and then the very next day I find someone else. Today that someone is Pulitzer prize winning author and poison pen writer Thomas Friedman, whose loathing of President Bush and Vice Preisdent Cheney is only outdone by my loathing for him. This flatworlder who thinks the world was beautiful until Bush and Cheney came along should be stripped and sent naked into the wilderness. In his view every problem that currently exists can be traced to Bush and Cheney. America was loved and adored until Bush and Cheny reacted to 911 by going to war. America was the champion of the poor, ill , hungry and destitute, until Bush and Cheney came along. All the problems of the world will be gone when Bush and Cheney are gone, he seems to imply. Well, Mr. Friedman, you will get your wish in less than a year when Bush and Cheney will be gone. What will you do without a stipen from the Bush State Department that paid you to speak in Kenya, where you convienently took your wife on America's dime, and weren't being paid by The New York Times? The State Department employee that hired this backstabbing dirtbag knowing full well his loathing of the President ought to be given a choice assigment in the hills of Pakistan. Without America, Thomas Friedman would be nothing but a blowhard and one of the world's poor writers. Instead he is rich, well paid and immune from the illness and disease he fears because of a President and country he loathes.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Declaring War on Exit Polls

In almost every primary now they tell how women voted, how blacks voted, how latinos voted, white men, women, seniors, you know, almost every category. Well I looked at my voter card and it doesn't tell my age, race, sex, preference or any other detail beyond name, address, party affiliation, etc. So how do they tell. They poll people as they exit the voting place. Not everyone, mind you, just a sample. Using this sample they extrapolate to all men, women, minorities, all races, etc. Just one trouble-while they state these percentages as facts, they are merely statistical speculation based on a limited number of voters and then extrapolated to represent an entire group. Another words, the old axiom "if liars can figure, then figures can lie," comes into play. While the news media's stated intention is to inform you, their real intention is to get you to wonder why you did or didn't vote with your group, whether it be race, gender or age. For example, if you are black and 90% of all blacks voted for Obama, what's wrong with you if you didn't. As much as media types protest about putting them in a box, like liberal, conservative, middle-of-the-road, they have no trouble putting you in a box especially if you are a minority of any type. Remember that the next you hear, 100 percent of all women voted for Hilary and you (being a woman) voted for Obama. Remember they are just speculating. Exit polling of this type is dishonest and manipulative, but it's no surprise from a media that's taken sides; and that's no bull.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bill Maher - what a jerk

When you consider that David Shuster was suspended for his the Clintons are "pimping" Chelsea remark it's hard to figure out why Bill Maher wasn't at least criticized or reprimanded for his "why couldn't he (Rush Limbuagh) croak from it (an overdose of drugs) instead of Heath Ledger." It is not uncommon for liberals to escape scrutiny or criticism for offensive remarks made about conservatives. Consider Alec Baldwin's admonition that we should stone Henry Hyde and his family to death, or the black democrat who said Clarence Thomas' wife should feed him bacon and eggs every day so he could die of clogged arteries or have a heart attack. These are just some of the remarks made by liberals about conservatives that have gone by the boards without criticism and yet every time something is said about liberals the perpetrators are reprimanded, suspended, fired and if it were possible to do worse it would be done. So I'm going to take a shot at getting the ire of those who would defend liberals- Bill Maher is the biggest, cruelest, unfunny effing moron around today, except for maybe Sean Penn, whose stupidty is only surpassed by his inability to speak without a script. Maher's idea of political insight are one liners that draw laughs from empty-headed fools, Larry King, his HBO audiences and his friends. You could put all of his political insight into a thimble and there would still be some room. He makes pimping seem like an honorable profession.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Will Republicans Fall into Line?

That is the big question many will have to answer in the coming weeks and months and on election day. The Party apparatus should be ashamed of a primary that permits a fifth of the electorate to decide who the candidate will be. The voters in more than 20 states will have little if any say, unless they vote the candidate of their heart and get delegates for those who have dropped out but are still on the ballot. The best that most of us who reject McCain can hope for is that he doesn't collect enough delegates to seal the nomination. If he is prevented from reaching 1,191 we can fight it out at the convention. Of course that is probably wishful thinking, but consider that the concept of America, of a Republic, and an electorate free to choose those who govern was also wishful thinking. So hoping and working to prevent McCain from being our only choice will at least help me feel like I tried and even if we fail, we will have at least tried, unlike our party who I think has selected McCain because they expect to lose in November. So you Republicans who like Romney, vote for him if he's on the ballot. You like Thompson, do the same. You like Huckabee, do the same. McCain will probably get the nod in the end, but at least those of us who don't think he would make a good President will have had our say.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Only Partially Exaggerated

The death of Romney's campaign was not exaggerted after all. At this point I can only say the Republicans are pathetic. A little adversity and they take their toys and go home. What a bunch of wimps-it's probably better they're not running anyway. Now we are stuck with McCain, for whom there are not enough derogatory adjectives to describe this tyrannical leftover from the cold war. Sure's he got an 82% conservative rating. It's just that the other 18% are the most important issues of our time and he is on the wrong side on them: McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, and McCain-Lieberman, Gauntanamo Bay and Enemy Combatant Rights to name the five most urgent items. We are likely to hear precious little, if anything, about these issues when he talks before CPAC tonight. He'll talk about uniting the party as long as we agree with his views. Once again, along with a whole lot of Republicans, we will have to hold our noses and vote for the most vanilla, most moderate, most aged candidate because the party establishment and apparently many voters as well, feels that he's next in line. The party tried this with Dole in 96. You remember the result and where it left us, don't you. In this regard we should probably be more like Democrats. The next in line guy in their party hasn't been elected since Adlei Stevenson. There's a good reason for that: they always lose.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Rumors of His Death...

Before the vote actually took place it was predicted by the "experts" that the race was over, McCain would be the nominee. Romney was dead, in the true sense of Mark Twain's famous quote: "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Despite all the talk McCain is just over the halfway mark in the delegate count with many states that favor Romney coming up. The truth about McCain's record is making its way through the media filter whose effort to protect Mr. Straight Talk can only be called sickening. Not unlike the journalists of the early 60's who chuckled and snickered, but never revealed to the public JFK's hotel trysts with stars amd young tarts and midnights in the Whitehouse pool, today's fawning group of journalists have hidden McCain's mania, his anger, his fury and his erratic speech and behavior patterns from a public that deserves to know the truth about McCain's personality, his record and fury at being rejected by the voters in 2000. His arrogant dismissal of his opponents and his critics, his love for the opposition party and their views, and his partnering with the Democrats to hurt his own party are more than enough to justify his rejection again in 2008. The McCain/Huckabee stunt in West Virginia and his record should tell you all you need to know. McCain's deperation to win at any cost are reason enough for him to be rejected for POTUS.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Can Romney Stay in the Race?

If that is the question you are asking the answer is YES if you vote for him on Super Tuesday. Don't let the press, the pundits, the pollsters and the party machine pick your candidate. The spectre of having to choose a pseudo-conservative who is lousy on terror, the 1st Amendement, illegal immigration and tax cuts, and has never gotton over being beaten by Bush in 2000, not unlike Al Gore, John McCain is a poor choice for Republicans who want the party to remain a conservative party. For those who want our nominee to get the support of moderates and liberals you must remember that it is a trap. People in our party who seek comity with the Democratic Party must remember that getting their support means giving up our positions to theirs. It does not mean compromise-it means surrender. So if you are voting on Super Tuesday do not be fooled. John McCain cannot win the general election. As an unindicted member of the Keating Five Savings and Loan Scandal, the Dems will destroy McCain the way the Republicans destroyed Jack Murtha and prevented him from becoming the majority leader in the House. Remember also that the all the experts, with few exceptions, said the NY Giants couldn't win the Super Bowl. Go Mitt