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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Global Warming 101

America needs an education about Global Warming. It is a politcal reality, not a physical reality. It is a new way of taxing you for the air you breathe. For it to be true you must discard almost all the science we have learned regarding physics, chemistry, biology and geology. You must disregard 5th grade life science, freshman biology and doctoral chemistry in order to believe even the simplest constructs of global warming theory. I will show there is a very fine line between those who care about the environment and those who will to go any lengths to get rich off the backs of people everywhere by charging them more money for everything. There is no conspiracy. It is just greed on the most massive scale imaginable. Your paying more for fuel, food and clothes, the vital things, but less and less for the unnecessary things like computers, Ipods, flatscreens and vacations. When you come to understand what is driving the Global Warming train, you will be mad. Damn mad. It is massive effort to separate you from your money. You can never earn enough to satisfy the greedy, but armed with the knowledge of overview you will be able to see for yourself, fight back and perhaps bring sanity back to a government that been overun by con men and hucketers, with only a few good men and women left to fight for us. We must identify who they are and take our country back. During the next week or so I will tackle these topics in a way the separates the fact from the fiction, the thinking from the wishful thinking, and finally show who really profits from what many are now calling the biggest hoax of the decade.