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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama's First Gifts to America

The American Presidency is often about tone. What is the tenor of the President's message? How will his policy choices be interpreted? What do his choices say about him, our government and us? In Obama's case his first choices are about death. The death of Americans, the deaths of third world children, the death of Israel and the comfort of our sworn enemies, which includes the world's various terrorists groups. Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah are just a few of many out there. The planned closing of Guantanamo Bay is premature, especially in light of the fact that this President plans to step up the action in Afghanistan. As it is there are over one hundred prisoners in Guantanamo that no country will take. There are others we cannot send back to their home countries because we know they will be imprisoned and possibly tortured. And there are some that are so dangerous that to close Guantanamo offers no alternative except to bring them to America, where they will be accessible and possibly encourage terrorist activity within our borders, which will undoubtedly lead the to the death of Americans. His executive order to ban torture is a tacit admission that the current tactics are torture, an opinion that many, including the CIA and military intelligence officials, do not agree with. He has cleverly left the back door open on the torture question so it is clear that it is just political posturing for the liberal wing of his party. His second executive order for death is the funding of abortions overseas with taxpayer dollars. It is the greatest of ironies that the first black President would support the Eugenics theories of Margaret Sanger the founder and first president of Planned Parenthood who wrote "The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." Planned Parenthood wears a different mask today than it did when it was founded because its original Eugenuics message was reprehensible and "Hitleresque." In her book, Pivot of Civilization, she referred to immigrants and poor people as "...human weeds, reckless breeders, and spawning... human beings who never should have been born." This is the message of genocide espoused by the elitist Sanger and carried on by our new President. Obama also did some less consequential things in his first week, but saying that America was a “Muslim” nation is not one of them. His failure to call Israel after having placed a call to the PLO to reassure them of our efforts to promote peace merely portends the direction he plans to take the Middle East. Israel too can feel the threat from the desired direction of Obama policy. Obama’s tutelage under Lewis Farrakhan and the Jeremiah Wright has laid the groundwork for the President’s distaste of Israel. The work of Colin Powell and the other Arabists that despise Israel will ensure that any objections to changes in US policy towards Israel will be stifled. There will be some objection from some quarters like the New York delegation, but they will be silenced quickly and in time the Arabists, the Iranians, the Syrians and the Jihadists may achieve their dream of Israel’s destruction. His speech at AIPAC and his rhetoric about defending Israel doesn’t fool anyone. He is an Arabist and will sell Israel out for peace with his Muslim brothers. Genocide only bothers this President when it takes place in Africa. Is this the new tone Obama brings to Washington D.C., America and the world? Does our new black President fly on the wings of death? Look at his first executive orders which require no more than his signature. They bring death to America, Americans and our allies, and death to Israel. This tenor, this tone does not speak well to America’s future.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Terrorist Justice

There are many opinions out there about how to treat the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. Well as long as people are offering them I would like to offer mine. How about good old-fashioned military justice based on the Geneva Convention. They should blind-folded and executed by a firing squad because they represent no established country's military. They do not wear uniforms that identify their branch, division or rank. They target and kill civilians and run in the face of real opposition. Essentially they are criminals, thugs and cowards. If we wanted to treat them the way they treated Americans they captured we would burn them alive and hang them from bridges, or cut their heads off and put it on the internet. We might dismember them and send the remains back their families. In the past war and criminal behavior have always been separated. They have always been seen as distinctly different because war is an action by a country and crime is the act of individuals. This does not mean that crime does not occur in war, it just means it is treated differently because it is a war. That is why there is a Geneva Convention in the first place because despite the cruelty of war there are rules. The terrorists at Guantanamo Bay have ignored all those rules. They wear no uniforms; they target civilians and operate without rules. While it is fashionable to think that all armies are like this the truth is that most official soldiers know the rules and operate by them. There are exceptions of course, but if you ask anyone who has served they will tell you that most soldiers know the rules and do their best to follow them. The terrorists at Guantanamo ignored the rules on purpose. They deserve to be executed. That is the justice they deserve.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No Surprises - What A Disappointment

As America enters a new non-partisan era it's clear that the old hatreds remain the same. Despite the graciousness shown by President Bush, Vice-President Cheney and their spouses towards the Obama family and administration, Obama supporters could not suppress their dislike for the President by booing his parents, his family and his vice president when they were introduced at the Inauguration Ceremony. It was nothing short of disgusting, but in fact it was no surprise. People without manners and civility cannot learn them overnight even when the model is the perfect example. This entire week was a field day for the Bush whackers. Even as he leaves there are calls for war crime trials, more investigations, more blame, more vitriol and yes more partisanship. Except for John McCain of course who is now out to prove he never was a Republican anyway. We can expect lots of Obama boot-licking from him now that he lost. To regain his reputation as a maverick he will desert and betray his party in search of the deal that will make the media and the Democrats like him and invite him to all the good parties. And let me not forget the right and ancient, perhaps demented, Reverend Joseph Lowry who said "and White will embrace what is right." He obviously didn't notice that 45 million "white" voters chose Mr. Obama as President or did he just forget that he was at the Inauguration of the first black President. Maybe when they remembered the black regiment of the Civil War or the Tuskegee Flyers they should have remembered the many Caucasian Christians and Jews that supported the Civil Rights Movement including Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Hubert Humphrey and Lydon Johnson to name a few. It may truly be fitting to call today a black day in Washington. It was disheartening, but no surprise. But the real disappointment is yet to come. While Obama's supporters love him for better or worse. Will they still be thrilled when Guantanamo is not closed? Will they still be thrilled when the war in Afghanistan becomes bigger than the war in Iraq? Will they still be thrilled when the Congress returns to business as usual? Will they still be thrilled when they must continue to pay their mortgages, car payments and health insurance, and in addition pay higher taxes to fund Obama's trillion dollar spending spree? The KoolAid drinkers will always follow in awe. What about you?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't Be Fooled - Again

As we approach the inauguration of the new President I find myself in a terrible quandary. With a compliant, liberal, pussy-whipped media singing his praises and the neo-bootlicking conservative analysts’ suddenly feeling non-partisan, while their political enemies plan their demise, true political conservatives are being pushed into the cold hard ground. Now that President Bush is leaving office liberals are now crying for a new bi-partisanship. They want us to forget or at least ignore the terrible way they treated President Bush for eight consecutive years. Many may remember that Bush too, also came to Washington and spoke of a new tone; A less partisan atmosphere in which the Congress could accomplish common goals. But it was not to be and many liberals argued that it shouldn't. They argued the media and the Congress should not be a rubber stamp for any President. For eight continuous years they battered the President until he was beaten to a pulp, and finally acquiesced to their view of the world. He leaves office merely a shell of the man he was. Now they want conservatives to take the gloves off. Be nice. Give the man (Obama) a chance. Be better than we were. I don't think so. First of all, we conservatives have always been better than liberals. We have always been more honest about policy positions. We have always been more honest about our political goals. We have never had to disguise conservative goals the way that liberals must disguise their goals. Euphemisms like single-payer plan for socialized medicine, government investments for tax increases, are just two examples of the many ways that liberals in government want to fool us into going along with something that is inherently bad for the country. We won't be fooled again. It doesn't matter what kind of clothes this new emperor wears. His ideas are naked. Despite the foolishness of many conservatives that believe he will not govern as he promised I believe he will. He wants to take this country down the path of European socialism and he will unless like-minded conservatives stay on his case.