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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Obama's EO on Immigration

In view of the hysteria being generated over Obama's Executive Order on Immigration there is a need to closely analyze the "new" policy. When analyzed it can be determined that the new policy is nothing but a holding order that has no power in law and can be overturned on a whim by a succeeding President or made moot by real legislation from the Congress.  Both the President and Homeland Security Secretary have noted the new policy is neither Amnesty or a pathway to citizenship. They referred to it as a two-year "deferment" policy that qualified illegals aliens can sign up for. The qualifications are rather narrow. In return they will not be pursued for deportation and may qualify for work permits. Hello; we have not been pursuing these non-law-breaking immigrants and they get jobs anyway. Our cities and states are filled with them. Some colleges and universities offer them in-state tuition discounts. We have "sanctuary" cities around the country that make homes for them. We already have legislation that provides a pathway to citizenship for illegals who serve in the military. So in that sense the order offers nothing new, but has been made to sound as if it is groundbreaking. It amounts to nothing more than a public relations gimmick to fool Hispanics into voting for President Obama in return for his "gift" to them. However, from an illegal alien's perspective this may not be such a great deal. When one applies for the program the government now has their vitals including where they live. So for example, if a President gets in office who wants to repeal the order and round up illegals it can be more easily done. Given how many other supporters Obama has thrown under the bus in the past, why would any illegal alien feel safe signing up for the Obama program now?