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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Obama's Catch-22 Moment

Obama faces some real "catch-22" moments: In order for him to be re-elected he must reject the very policies that made it possible for him to win the Presidency in the first place. A variation of you have to be in the union to get a job, but you can't join the union until you have one. Obama campaigned mightily against fossil fuel, and now after warring against it for three years his only pathway to cheaper energy is by supporting fossil fuel exploration and production. If energy prices continue to rise Obama cannot win. The President also campaigned heavily on the deficit, saying he would cut it in half in his first term. In fact, he has quadrupled the annual deficit in his first four years in office and has increased the national debt by almost $6 trillion. He has, some say, used a lot of this money as an "election" slush fund that has found its way into Obama's re-election campaign through vehicles such as green energy grant funding to companies managed by Obama election fund raisers. These are just two examples of the many reasons Obama will lose in November and that is perhaps his biggest Catch-22; As President a man can do many things, but to be President you have to win the election.