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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Election 2012 - The Battle for the House

While everyone is focused on the Presidency, which is already lost for the Democrats, the real battle in 2012 is for the House of Representatives. Humbug you say. Well think about it. With few exceptions, 1994 to 2006 when the Republicans controlled the House for example, the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress for 50 years after World War II. Through that control they have created some of the worst policies ever devised in an effort to control the lives of the American people. Think of today's problems and almost all of them can be traced back to policies created, nurtured and passed in the House of Representatives. Once created and passed by the House many of these bills lay dormant for years and suddenly appear whey they have a chance to pass. The Healthcare Bill is the perfect example. Before it was ObamaCare, it was HilaryCare and before that it was the Public Option. That bill lay quietly in the House for nearly 50 years before it was passed in 2010. Not even the Speaker of the House knew what was in it. It was a Democratic policy goal 50 years in the making and finally made it through. So in this election year when everyone is focused on the Presidency the Democratic Party will be focused on winning the House because all spending and legislation originate there. And you know that old saying-If you want to know why, follow the money.