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Friday, March 28, 2008

Wake Up Geraldo Rivera

Your new book (His Panic) is bull. You cannot dismiss America’s distrust of illegal aliens and attribute it to the acts of extremist groups such as the KKK as a way to shame regular Americans into accepting alien lawbreakers into the mainstream. The reason that many Americans do not want to accept illegal aliens is because they are illegal. Not because they are Hispanic, not because they do not want to speak English, not because they are willing to work cheap, but because they have entered the country illegally. Your effort to marginalize people by calling everyone who resents illegal aliens a racist or a bigot is just a cheap literary device designed to fool people into thinking they must accept law-breaking because it is being done by people are poor, hungry and ignorant, who are just looking for work to support their families. That several million people who are in the process of becoming citizens by the book are irrelevant to you is no surprise. Your illusion that Americans are afraid of “Hispanics” is pure rubbish. Your comparisons to the Irish, Italians, Jews and others are completely false. Your effort to paint the Hispanic community as saviors of America is idiocy, and you once again proved your short-sightedness by your continuous repetition of defending illegal aliens because they share some distant heritage with you. Only a moron could say that illegal aliens, who are lawbreakers by definition, break the law less than citizens who are here legally. While that may be true in a numeric sense, it is not true in the legal sense. They break the law every day they are here. You prefer to focus on six members of the KKK who were recently prosecuted and ignore the several thousand illegal aliens that have committed crimes in California alone. For an enlightened liberal you are as bigoted and racist as any member of the KKK.