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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Clinton, Obama to Battle in Denver

The New Narrative was one of the first to predict that neither Obama or Clinton would have enough delegates to reach the 2,025 threshold required to get the nomination. We were weeks ahead of Jeffery Toobin, Sean Hannity and others who are now doing analysis based on the idea that Obama and Clinton will fight it out in Denver. We did the math early on and saw that after Texas and Ohio neither could get it before the primaries were over. Of course it's still possible that one of them will quit and hand it to the other - Yea, right. It is apparent now that many Democrats do not want either of these two Prima Donnas. If neither one reaches 2,025 after the first ballot at the convention, all bets are off. Delegates can then vote for whoever they want. If it goes to the convention it’s very possible that an entirely different ticket could emerge in an effort to not anger both Obama and Cinton supporters. For example they could turn to Joe Biden or Bill Richardson or even Diane Feinstein, or Jean Harmon. All four would be credible and qualified candidates for the Presidency. If I were a conservative I would be jealous that the Democrats may be able to undo the miserable choices they have been given by not giving Clinton or Obama enough votes to win. Republicans are stuck with John McCain, a conservative that even liberals can love. So in a way it doesn't matter who wins the Democratic convention. America gets a liberal President no matter which party wins.