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Friday, March 21, 2008

Can Liberation Theology Become Political Reality

Are the Democrats and their lackeys right? Is the Obama fiasco just a distraction or is it the death blow? ABC's The Note called this past week a great week for Obama. I wonder if they would have called the week the Allies invaded Berlin a great week for Hitler? In the reality I see Obama is hanging on by a thread. Even if he wins the delegate race, which is doubtful given the spoils system and the absence of Florida and Michigan in the count, it will still be close enough to cause mayhem at the convention. Barack needs 400 and Hilary needs 550. They’re pretty close and an even race in the states that remain may stop both from reaching the required 2,025 delegates. At any rate, Bob Kerry and Bill Richardson have both endorsed Obama, so they must agree with Bob Beckel, a member of the original group of bosses who developed the super-delegate system. He says any attempt by super-delegates to overturn Obama's victory will result in terrible consequences. He assumes of course that Obama takes the delegate count and the popular vote and acts as if it already happened. What if Obama doesn't? What if Hilary victories eat away at that margin and when the votes are counted the popular vote is close and neither candidate has reached the delegate threshold? This is only possible because of the discovery of Obama's support for the liberation theology of his pastor, mentor and crazy Uncle Jeremiah Wright. It has not been said in words, but in this case words are not required. The very votes that Obama needs to win the White House will never vote for a man (or woman) surrounded by men who hate America. His Philadelphia speech exposes his need to blame "typical white people" for the problems of black America. The fact that he even acknowledges the existence of two America's is reason enough for him to lose. If we agree that 70-80 percent of the electorate is committed to their party, it is the 20-30 percent in the middle who will decide this year's Presidential race. Even if Obama wins the nomination it will very difficult for him to beat McCain because McCain is far more moderate than Obama. The moderates will never vote for a man who can make liberation theology the political reality in the White House. They may be mad at President Bush and the Congress, but they're not crazy. Since all three candidates are liberal on the issues facing the nation the Liberals win no matter who gets elected, so why vote for a man whose friends hate America.