All the News That's Fit to be Tied

I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Let's Move On

Let's move on: That is the Democratic response to Barack Obama's pastor the Reverend Wright, whose condemnation of America, Israel and the "white" race has made headlines all week. Lets move on past who is funding Hilary Clinton's campaign and the Clinton Library, whether or not the Clintons will release the archive documents on Hilary's role in the Clinton Presidency and their latest tax returns. Yes, let's just move on. Let's ignore that Obama has attended Wright's church for 20 years, was married there and had his children were baptized there. Let's ignore that Obama has made large contributions to the church. Yes, let's just ignore that he only decided to separate himself from Rev. Wright when it became news. But, let's not ignore why it became news. It became news because of little things like Barack did not put his hand over his heart when the pledge was said. That Barack refused to were the commonly worn American flag lapel pin worn by many Congressmen and women. That his wife, herself a Harvard educated lawyer only became proud of her country when it was considering choosing her husband to be President. For that to be true she must have chosen not to be proud of Martin Luther King's efforts at overcoming racism, not to be proud of the accomplishment of many successful African Americans in today's society, and not to be proud of America's efforts around the world to help the poor and disadvantaged fight poverty, disease and oppression. For Obama to get the vote of Americans we must forget these disturbing facts the same way we had to forget the Clinton abuse of his employees (Travel-gate and File-gate, his family (Monica-gate), and his own oath of office (lying under oath) that permitted Hilary to become the potential nominee of her party in the first place. In the final analysis Americans will move on. Right past Obama, right past Clinton and, yes, right past John McCain. Republicans, conservative Republicans at least, know that McCain is the media's choice and that any Republican president that attempts to meet the Democrats half way is destined to failure. Ask this President, ask his father, ask Ronald Reagan. McCain's positions on the most important issues of our time are the wrong positions. He is wrong on security, illegal immigration and energy. Republicans must forget his lack of loyalty to the President, his lack of loyalty to his party and his disloyalty to the people who voted him into office. Most republicans and democrats realize we have been sold lousy choices for the great task of running this nation. So we are forced to hold our noses and vote for best of the worst. So, yes, let's move on. On to 2012, and hope that in that election we get better choices than we are getting in this one.