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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Congressman Patrick Murphy (D) - Hypocrite

Pennsylvania Congressman Patrick Murphy (D) was on the IMUS in the Morning radio show today and was hawking his book, which has not sold very much since the last time he was on IMUS. Once you experience a good thing it's hard not to go back. An Iraqi Freedom vet, Murphy holds the Democratic view that we are fighting in the wrong place and that the Iraqi government is not acting fast enough. He was very critical of their vacation last summer when there were pending issues on the table. However he has offered no such criticism of our own Congress, which not only takes summers off, but recesses on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, President's week, Easter, Passover, Memorial day and almost every other holiday they can find on the calendar. And, these are not one or two day recesses. They are off for at least a week, and sometimes more for every recess. In all they spend just over 100 days a year in session, and despite the prevailing Democratic view that the country is in terrible shape they have not spent any more days in session this year than in past years. So I think that before U.S. Congressman criticize the Iraqi government for taking some time off they ought to re-evaluate their own work schedule.