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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Bloodletting of Obama

Barack Obama's interview on The View proves once again that he does not have the integrity, principles, judgment or honesty required to be President. His cheap declaration that he would leave the church if Jeremiah Wright had not retired is an entirely meaningless statement. It requires no action, cannot be tested for veracity, and stands in stark contrast to Obama's condemnation of Don Imus last year when he demanded Imus be fired for his comments. Adding Reverend Wright to those (like his "typical white mother") he has already tossed under the proverbial bus to get the nomination, it merely illustrates that no friend is to great to be brought to the slaughter for the goal of being the nominee. Barack Obama wants people to believe that he sat mindlessly in a church for 20 years, selected Wright as a mentor and yet never shared his beliefs about America, the government and the state of blacks in America. Obama and many of his allies in the media, which are so in the tank for him it's really pathetic, want the voters to believe that only those who have heard all of Wright's sermons may criticize him. Obama is wrong, his media lackeys are wrong and if the Democrats were smart they would dump Obama before it's too late. The man cannot win. His loathing of America as expressed by his support of Jeremiah Wright, his wife's statements about the country and his failure to be honest with the American people translate into a loss for the Democrats in November; where up to now victory seemed inevitable. The bloodletting of Barack Obama will not stop until there is no blood.