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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bill Maher: Hypocrite-at-Large

Just when I felt like I might not be able to take another poke the Democratic Party mess without guilt, along came Bill Maher. This is a guy I despise because he is a great joke writer who espouses juvenile ideas about the Americans who have grown to take care of imbeciles like him. He said in an interview with Chris Matthews that the Corporation is the true enemy of the working man in America. He works for a Corporation (HBO) that pays him big bucks for his smaltzy jokes and political character assassination. Along with the sale of his books, videos, and personal appearances that support his jet-set Hollywood lifestyle, which is for the most part all done by corporations, Mr. Maher makes a fair living on the corporate dime and the best he can do is call them the enemy. What a moron. For your information smart guy. Almost 140 million people in America work for these corporations that you condemn. In case you’re wondering. Every show you sell, every ticket you sell, every t-shirt and coffee mug, every tv and radio appearance you sell is most likely being paid for by somebody who works for a corporation. They buy the tickets and t-shirts, the books and CDs, and HBO subscriber fees that make your privileged life possible and you spit on their companies while enjoying the fruit of their labor. You characterize them as dullards then proceed to ask them to buy a coffee mug with your name on it. You substitute one-liners for thoughtful discussion and then insult your chosen political target of the day. Without their money to buy what keeps you in chips, you'd be homeless in LA sleeping on the beach. Then you'd find out who your friends really are.