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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hey Bloomy, Listen Up.

I got a few words for politicians who won't let American ingenuity drive down the price of gas. A few well-placed oils fields, some atomic energy and the Arabs, the Hispanics and the Gringos will be running for shelter as the price of gas at the pump comes tumbling down. New York's own Nanny Bloomberg said today that a moratorium on gas taxes was ridiculous because "we" want to penalize people for driving, not encourage them. Not a single Presidential candidate would ever state it quite as bluntly as that, but that is what they believe. If they didn’t why would they oppose drilling for oil, permitting nuclear construction and clean coal research? They know that oil will be the dominant fuel for at least 30 more years, so why ask Americans to pay an unfair price for oil. If the Congress in conjunction with local Governments streamlined the process for authorization America’s industrialists would have the world’s oil barons on the run in five years. Just as an aside. Have any of your friends told you they are canceling their vacations, their master suite and kitchen makeovers, new car purchases, computers, cell phones, new clothes, flat-screen TVs, gourmet barbeque grill, this year’s Beaujolais. I didn’t think so. Me either. I hear a lot of people repeating what they hear on the news, while money is flying out of their bank accounts like bats out of a cave after a lightning strike.