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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just Another Conspiracy Theory

Americans loves conspiracies. We love them so much that on any given day you can find a conspiracy to support almost any theory. So given the high price of gas and oil consider the following. The major oil producers in Mexico, South America, Canada, The Middle East and Russia all provide financial support to America's environmental movement, which works in conjunction with our Congress to develop regulations that make oil exploration and production impossible. They know that by keeping us out of the game the price of oil will continue to rise. They pay the environmentalist's because it helps them get richer, and the environmental groups keep the pressure on the Congress at the expense of the American people. Look at the evidence to support this theory. Despite our own financial survival we no longer explore for oil in our own country or just off our borders. We no longer build petroleum refineries, nuclear power plants or take any action to relieve the world-wide oil shortage by providing more oil, natural gas or atomic energy. It is no great secret that in a world that is continually modernizing that the demand for oil will continue to increase for several more decades. We all hope that the magic bullet of pollution-free power will emerge, but until it does, or if it doesn't, do we want the price of oil to continue to rise. Obviously there are forces at work to make sure America is not part of the solution. Our government, both federal and state, has worked for more than two decades to make us totally dependent on foreign oil and now they expect us to believe they want to make us independent by talking about pollution free power. We rely on this hope of pollution free power, as espoused by environmental groups, at five times the price of oil and a lot less efficient. We would, it seems, rather cover a state in high-priced wind turbines that will take hundreds of years to pay for themselves rather than build a 25-acre nuclear power plant that will provide more energy at a cheaper cost. It seems our government is intent on helping the world become poorer by not exploiting the oil resources in our own country. And all the while the oil-producing countries, the market speculators and the environmental movement are laughing all the way to the bank. As I noted in a previous column, if America's industrial might was permitted to solve this problem the oil-producers that pay the environmentalists to keep us out of the game would be running for cover and the price of gas would drop like a stone.