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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Disenfranchised Strike in Gary, IN.

Ain't it funny how the polls that local judges keep open during elections and primaries are always minority voting districts? For example in the Indiana primary contest between Hilary and Obama a local judge ruled that Lake County, which includes the predominantly Afro-American city of Gary was permitted to keep their polls open an extra hour, which probably translated into two hours, for voting due to a self-reported shortage of ballots. The mayor of the fair city of Gary predicted an upset for Obama, which did not happen, but it does make you ask. How could a Mayor of a single city predict a statewide victory for a candidate running double-digits behind the opposition? It’s easy. It's called voter fraud. He thought he knew how many votes Obama would need to win and produced them. For some reason in black voting precincts the number of people who vote in the primary is always double the national average of other voting classes. For example in most primary voting twenty percent is considered a high turnout, but in many black areas turnout is always 35 or 40 percent and nobody ever asks why blacks, who constantly complain about being disenfranchised always seem to have a high percentage of their people voting in the primaries, who never show up in the regular election. Similar incidents have taken place in other cities in previous elections. East St. Louis in 2004 comes to mind. In almost all cases they are local judges keeping polls open for an extra hour or two in black voting districts for a variety of reasons and miraculously the Democratic candidate has almost always pulled it out. Of course Democratic cheating did not work in 2000 or 2004, and it didn't work yesterday. You wouldn’t think that the Democrats would try to cheat one of their own, but the close vote in Gary, which almost turned the Indiana primary into a victory for Barack Obama, would have been a death blow for Hilary. This incident proves the party’s true loathing of the Clintons and how much they are looking forward to bidding them farewell. This translates into great news for the Republicans who are likely to win, even with the inferior John McCain, if Obama is the nominee. The Clinton’s already know it, the Democratic Party may find out too late.