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Friday, May 2, 2008

Sanctuary Cities: A Few Well-Chosen Words

I have a few words for supporters of “sanctuary” cites. You have obviously not learned the lesson of 2007. Americans support legal immigration and do not support illegal immigration. What is it about the words legal and illegal that you don’t understand? Yesterday, on the Bill O'Reilly Show, Hilary Clinton said she is for comprehensive immigration reform, which, in her view, includes permitting the estimated 12 million illegal foreigners in the country to become citizens. What about the 5 million who are in the process of becoming citizens the legal way? Is it fair for them to be passed over so Congress can bury its inability to control the borders by making all of our illegal aliens legal? That’s nice work if you can get it. If an engineer designed a bridge that way he’d go to jail after it collapsed. We also know that McCain and Obama both support the illegal alien forgiveness movement. McCain tries to talk a good game, but those who have watched him for a while know that he will never give up his effort to be adored by his political enemies at the expense of members of his own party. He wishes to punish his Republican colleagues’ for their failure to realize his personal greatness. He has been doing it since 2000 and has joined the Democrats in deriding the President and his policies. McCain would despise any man who treated him the way he treated George W. Bush. His support for illegal alien forgiveness is to help the Democrats assure that Republicans continue to lose seats in the House and Senate and make sure that any Republican Presidential candidate is as liberal, if not more so, than any Democrat, or that a conservative Republican nominee never wins the Presidency again. Obama just supports illegal immigration because he is a man of “color” in the midst of brie and Chablis.