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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Going Green Without Groucho

One of my readers told me that many of the potential insights that may be found in my comments are often obscured by jokes, satirical comments, confusing analogies and other literary distractions that often make the point less obvious and sometimes not obvious at all. For example, when I rattled off four ways that America could reduce gas and food prices she stopped and said "Why don't you write it like that. Just a list with bullets that reads:
1. Encourage the use of nuclear, clean coal and natural gas for the producing electricity.
2. Use our own oil resources by permitting new oil drilling areas.
3. Develop a single blend of gasoline for use in the continental U.S.
4. Stop using corn to produce ethanol. Ethanol is inefficient, as well as being one of the most widely used foods for people and livestock.
Those four items alone would have a profound and far-reaching effect on the country."
Well, I said, Lots of people won't read it. It's too boring, too obvious and too simple. They want to be entertained. You can't really get them to eat less, drive less, or do anything to reduce their consumption because it will interfere with their lifestyle. After all, you know the economy stinks. Everybody tells you so. Yea, you work two jobs, and it does cost 100 bucks a week to fill your gas tank, but that won't stop you from spending five big ones to go to Europe and argue your doing it on the cheap and still complain about the price of gas. The point is if you don't want the price of gas to continue to skyrocket than you have to do something about it. Call your congressman and tell him to take action on the points above because they are the only people who can. It’s not the whole solution by a long shot, but the hydrogen car ain’t here yet.