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Friday, May 1, 2009

Why National Health Care will Fail

The recent story of the 23-month old Mexican child who died from the Mexico-based swine flu aptly demonstrates why national health care is destined to fail. His family was coming to Houston, Texas for a day of previously scheduled doctor's appointments for the mother and aunt. The sequence is as follows and was reported by KPRC radio: The boy's family flew from Mexico City into Matamoros, Mexico across the border from Brownsville on the evening of April 3. They spent that night and the night of April 4 at a Brownsville hotel. On Sunday April 5, the boy, three brothers, his mother and a cousin drove to Houston for a day of previously scheduled doctor's appointments for the mother and aunt. The boy, who officials said had several underlying health problems, did not see a doctor. The long and short of this story is that people from Mexico are coming to the United States for health care. I assume that they are Mexican citizens and I would like to assume that they paid for the health care, but I don't know. I would like to assume that they crossed the border legally, but I don't know. I would assume they are well-off enough to spend a day at Houston's upscale Galleria shopping mall and therefore well-off enough to pay the hospital bill at Texas Children's Hospital or the hospital in Brownsville, but I don't know. There was no mention of cost by Kathy Barton of the Houston Health Department. There was no mention of cost by Houston Mayor Bill White. There was no mention of cost from Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos, who said he spoke with boy's aunt in Brownsville. Look at the level of care this Mexican family received in the United States and all they had to do was walk across the street from Matamoros to Brownsville. All this care will be billed to the American's with health insurance and the when there is national health care events such as these will continue and all Americans will be forced to pay through a healthcare tax for anyone who finds their way into the country. If this Mexican family paid for this care I would like someone to step up and prove it. In fact I challenge Barton, White and Cascos to prove it. As it stands right now I must assume that I paid a little, you paid a little and many of your friends and neighbors also paid a little. That is what will happen with national health care whether people are entitled to the care or not. In some countries with national healthcare care is non-existent. For example, in Cuba healthcare is free but there are no medical supplies and the majority of hospitals and health care facilities are completely run down. In other countries with national healthcare, such as Canada and Great Britain, care is rationed. Their citizens flock to America for the privilege of buying the healthcare they need in a timely manner. How can we protect ourselves from pandemics like the swine flu if its victims can come to America for free health care they cannot get in their own country? The Obama Administration, following in the steps of single-payer advocates, is sowing the seeds of destruction for America’s health care system and increasing the chances of a healthcare catastrophe in this country.