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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tidbits: Pelosi, NPR and ACORN

Last month in a column called Water boarding was no Surprise... it was clearly demonstrated that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew about enhanced torture techniques, including water boarding, despite her now well-known and exposed public positions to the contrary. There she was in the front of a compliant Washington Press Corp media pretending to be Sergeant Shultz citing his now famous phrase "I know nothing." Her real complicity was verified by the most recent CIA internal report that shows her in attendance at meetings where this information was provided, discussed and approved by Congressional oversight. Will anyone in Congress or the media call her on this? Not likely. The biggest surprise in the CIA report was that water boarding has not been used on anyone since 2003 and when it was, it was only with two detainees. It was so surprising that the mainstream press ignored that story, which points out the battle reasonable and fair people face in getting the truth to the public. Public Health Insurance is being put in the forefront as an integral part of Obama's healthcare reform plans. Today on NPR I heard something I think would have been impossible on NPR is the not too distant past; a serious talk show about National Healthcare Reform whose main guest was the president of the American Medical Association. Twenty years ago a NPR radio host (don't call me disc jockey) would have refused to give the AMA a platform because it was part of the establishment that supporters of NPR thought were part of the problem. The main discussion was the development of paperless electronic medical records, which some, including the President, claim will provide the savings required to provide healthcare for everyone. Aside from the irony of NPR interviewing the AMA this also permits me to say the "paperless revolution is a hoax." There will never be less paper. As a pioneer in the paperless revolution I can tell you from direct experience that the computers and copy machines consume more and more paper every day. People now can easily make copies, tens of copies, hundreds of copies, etc to their hearts and supervisor's content. It's a good thing that most paper products are bio-degradable otherwise we would all be up to our proverbial necks in it. On October 13, of last year I wrote that ACORN's, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, voter registration work must be exorcised from the voting rolls in every state they have registered voters. This organization has been indicted in 13 states for voter fraud. They and their partners are implicated in a Hilary Clinton primary loss in Indiana and the registering of democratic voters for Al Franken in Minnesota in the Coleman-Franken contest, which is still unresolved. Voter fraud on the scale of that practiced by ACORN can effect election outcomes and transform the nation to fit the views of a few. When voter fraud is not addressed everyone's vote is watered down and made more meaningless. Every voter registration submitted by ACORN and organizations like them must be rejected by every voting district in the country in favor of individual registration so we can be sure that every voter is a district resident and eligible to vote.