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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What Sotomayor Tells Us About Obama

When President Obama introduced Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor he gave his usual rousing, instructional speech complete with talking points to his subjects and supporting media groupies. He demanded that the Senate confirm her before the August recess so she can "walk up those powerful steps and begin dispensing some justice." Exactly what does he think has been going on in America? He acts and speaks as if he were the very first President. What does he think the Supreme Court has been dispensing for the last 200 years? As a nation we are more diverse than any other country in the world. I am willing to bet that most people wouldn't think that was true if they get their information from the mainstream press. The propagandists that pass for purveyors of news in America are even more ignorant than those they try to keep in the dark. Real journalists and editors sift information for a living. They know what the truth is and only pass on what fits in with the mainstream view. For example there was other Hispanic, Latin nominee to the Supreme Court by the name of Miguel Estrada, who was nominated by George W. Bush. There was also a rumor that he was considering Alberto Gonzales, but knew the Senate would savage his character over the torture debate and the President declined to nominate him. So in reality Sotomayor is not the first Hispanic nominee, but because she is a liberal the fawning press corp. carries the water and skips over the facts to make her story "compelling." And in truth, her story is compelling. For those of us from the Bronx Sotomayor's old neighborhood is a tough place. She is a gifted individual, despite the mixed reviews on her lawyerly intellect. There are those that think there is a true jurist in her and she may turn out be Obama's David Sooter. She is being chosen for her espoused views on courts making public policy and the dispensation of racial and restorative justice. America can only hope that once nominated she discovers the calling that is the Supreme Court of the United States.