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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Colin - Take your Little Red Wagon...

...and join the Democrats. Just who does Colin Powell think he is to the Republican Party and to the vast majority of conservatives in the party? It must have killed him to admit that Bush was right on the torture question on CBS' Face the Nation. His argument that the Republicans need to be more inclusive is ludicrous; we have him. We also have a whole bunch of Democratic wannabes that I wish would join the Democrats. Don't be like Arlen Spector, who joined the Dems because he was unlikely to win in Pennsylvania. Just join them because, in truth, they are your party. Your think fits right in with their think. So just do it. Conservatives don't need to be told what to think. We don't need to be led around by some pie-eyed piper with a little red wagon. When the truth mattered Colin was absent. When his trusted aide Richard Armitage leaked the name of CIA agent Valarie Plame to the press he knew it. And yet, he let Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff Scooter Libby get hung out to dry by not going public with the knowledge. This is the man that wants you to trust him. He took part in ruining the life of an innocent man who served the White House and the people, when all he had to do was encourage Armitage to go public. But even Powell now suffers from Bush Derangement syndrome. Dick Cheney is right. Colin Powell is the worst kind of RINO because he too wants to desert the values that make our nation greater than either party. He wants to trade them in like an old car and get one with an Obamasheen. Just grovel Colin; the President will give you a minute or two.