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Monday, August 2, 2010

Obama Says Believe Me, Not Your Lying Eyes

Today President Obama declared America's combat role in Iraq will end this month. However you should not think that this means an end to "the conflict or U.S. military casualties," he added. In an address at a Disabled American Veterans convention in Atlanta, the President said "Already, we have closed or turned over to Iraq hundreds of bases. We're moving out millions of pieces of equipment in one of the largest logistics operations that we've seen in decades. By the end of this month, we'll have brought more than 90,000 of our troop’s home from Iraq since I took office." He also said that, as agreed with the Iraqi government, the US would maintain a transitional force of about 50,000 troops until the military withdrawal is completed at the end of next year. For the uninitiated 50,000 troops is about five divisions and enough power for an invasion force. The President continued: "During this period, our forces will have a focused mission: supporting and training Iraqi forces, partnering with Iraqis in counter-terrorism missions, and protecting our civilian and military efforts. These are dangerous tasks. There are still those with bombs and bullets who will try to stop Iraq's progress, and the hard truth is we have not seen the end of American sacrifice in Iraq," he said. "But make no mistake; our commitment in Iraq is changing – from a military effort led by our troops to a civilian effort led by our diplomats. And as we mark the end of America's combat mission in Iraq, a grateful America must pay tribute to all who served there," he added. So despite his claim that the combat mission is over American troops will still be involved in combat, they will still be getting wounded and killed and they will still be there at least another year. Who do you believe: The President or you’re lying eyes?