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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Ghost of Slavery Past

I have always been afraid of the day when conservatives would become so frustrated at the tactics of the socialist, liberal, progressive left that we would take their example and go the dirty tactics route. Despite my joy is seeing progressives at their worst, flailing at moving targets and getting it wrong every time, I am disappointed with Andrew Breibart's latest video scoop on USDA's Shirley Sherrod because in its entirety the video paints a different picture than the edited portion. However, in Andrew's defense the video's most disturbing aspect was Mrs. Sherrods preoccupation with how the white farmer was trying to assert his superiority. How she was in fact the power player in the situation and because he was white did not do everything she could have. During this little sequence the audience chuckled and laughed at her coded statements meant to mock what she perceived as "white superiority." This unspoken, barely hinted at attitude seems prevalent among some African-Americans who seem to rely on the "Ghost of Slavery Past" to justify the continued perception that all whites, even those they like, are naturally racist.