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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Surprise: Obama is an Atheist

President Obama is neither Muslim nor Christian. America's Atheists will be happy to learn that President Obama is one of them. In him they have a champion against crèches in public squares, the Ten Commandments in public spaces, In God We Trust on the dollar and religion in public life; Especially the last. Even though he believes the Muslim call to prayer in one of the most beautiful sounds he ever heard and never heard any of the sounds of his anti-Semitic and anti-American Christian mentor the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, he is hard pressed to admit he is a non-believer. In a speech he once said we are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and non-believers. He will not say he is Muslim even if he wants to. If the Reverend Wright is his only connection to Christianity he cannot admit to believing and agreeing with the Reverend’s anti-American views. So there he is; stuck between a rock and a hard place. Put away your Bible Mr. President. There are no dog-eared pages in your book. Put away your Koran until your Presidency is over. In the meantime you can hold on to your Atheism. It will protect you from the Christians and the Muslims and you can still say you agree with the non-believing minority. This will permit you to continue deceiving the American people and playing golf as often as you like without guilt. And you will never have to answer the question “When was the last time you went to church?”