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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why are all the stupid people on our side?

Why are all the stupid people on our side? And why do they keep getting ahead? That is what I really want to know. As a conservative I am deeply disappointed that we cannot seem to find one intelligent, thoughtful, logical, person who can defend our positions whether it be an immigration law, gay marriage, politics, taxes, legislation, economics, education or even entertainment. All we get are stereotypical nut balls whose greatest success is winning for the opposition. For example take John McCain. When the aging John McCain had an opportunity to defeat Barack Hussein Obama during the 2008 Presidential campaign, he declared that Obama was an honorable man, would make a good President and that he (McCain) would not use Obama’s relationships with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, William Ayres and Bernadette Dorn or other America haters to win. So he lost. When Senator Lindsay Graham voted for Elena Kagen he said this was to show that he could be fair despite Democratic efforts to destroy almost every significant appointment to the Supreme Court made by Republican Presidents (Robert Bork and Miguel Estrada come to mind immediately. There have been others.) Graham has been a weak-kneed Republican his entire Senate career yet he seems to get reelected over and over again. Conservatives need the kind of men and women that Democrats get; People who do not wilt in the line of fire. People that hold their positions come hell or high water. I hope we are in for a change in the upcoming November elections or it will just be more of the same; lots of lip service and very little action.