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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Obama's Traveling Medicine Show

What better place to show some unity than in a place called Unity, New Hampshire? It's so simple, so comprehensible, even a child could make the connection; but is there one? When Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama met in Unity to show unity Obama supporters were mesmerized, which is not unusual for his fans that swoon, fall and faint and in his presence. They are so enamored that it doesn't really matter what he says. He need not be consistent, honest or even logical. He just needs to speak and they are entranced. In a town of just 1700, four thousand people showed up at the Unity rally so it begs the questions; who are these people? How did they all get there? A total of 214 votes were cast in Unity on Primary day: One-hundred and seven for each candidate. Obviously this is indicative of the party split between the two. The total population of Unity was 1716 in 2006. There is no reason to suspect that is has grown to 4000 since the local census was taken. So who are these 4,000 who showed up at the rally? How did they get there? Why were their signs so perfect? How come they all cheered at the same time? Why did they all boo at the same time? It was a show. A put-up job for television and radio, so Americans would think that the Democrats were united and Obama was the choice for all Democrats, so every Democrat should support him. It was a show like every other Obama rally that takes place in the country. You've seem them in little towns in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa and other places whose populations swell on Obama days. Supporters are bussed in, given signs and coached on when to clap, when the cheer, when to ooh, when to ahh, when to yell no, when to yell yes, when to say O-BA-MA, O-BA-MA. It is the Obama Traveling Medicine Show and like the medicine peddlers of the 1800's, who traveled in covered wagon caravans with entertainers, barkers, and shills, Obama is traveling America peddling the elixir of change, the promise of feeling better tomorrow and the promise of a better you. All you have to do is drink the elixir that will catapult Obama to the White House.