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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Haditha-Seventh Marine Exonerated

After three years of courts martials and hundreds of presumptive articles about guilt, Lt Col Jeffrey Chessani, has been exonerated of any wrongdoing in the famed Haditha Massacre, where 24 U.S. Marines were said to have killed unarmed Iraqi men, women and children. Only one Marine remains and there is little reason to expect him to be convicted based on the previous courts martials. The massacre claim was made by a "self-styled local journalist and human-rights activist, Taher Thabet al-Hadithi." His claims have all proved to be virtually false. The truth was that Iraqi militants used old men, women and children as cover to fire upon American troops and then lied to the world. When the marines approached the building, it was cleared of weapons and the civilians were left inside to serve as collateral damage for the PR war being waged in the press against America. Have we heard from the righteous and indignant U.S. Representative John Murtha (D-PA), who proclaimed the Marines committed "murder in cold blood?" Have we heard from the liberal hordes (Matthews, Schieffer, McGlaughlin, Stephenopoulis, Blizter, Cafferty, et all.) who were so quick to join in the condemnation chorus but are silent now? The answer is NO because they are wrong. They were wrong then and they are wrong now. Our soldiers are the best people America has. These young and often grown-up men and women, who love their country and understand the responsibility of freedom and vigilance, are the fruit of our nation and we should be grateful for their service. Semper Fi Marine