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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Trump Card In The Democrat Deck

You have to admire these Democrats. To paraphrase President Trump in his last debate with Hilary Clinton: They never give up. They used every card in the deck to defeat Trump and even with a compliant media that admitted its intention to help Hilary and the Democrats defeat him, they failed. They tried the "rich" card, it failed. They tried the "race" card, it failed. They tried the "white supremacy" card, and it failed too.  But they still weren't done. They tried the "Hitler" card and then in August they took their first shot in the Russian Gambit. For almost a year the Democrats and the Hilary Campaign played up the idea that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin were great friends and Russia was a great threat to the United States; something Obama ridiculed Mitt Romney for in the 2012 election. In late August before the election Barack Obama told the press there are indicators that the Russians may be trying to interfere with our election process. This was in the midst of the WikiLeaks release of Clinton Campaign Director John Podesta emails which showed the really ugly underbelly of the Clinton Campaign. Hilary's contempt for ordinary people was exposed, as was the collusion between the press and the Hilary campaign and the underhanded tactics used by the Clinton Campaign to gain an edge. As far as WikiLeaks is concerned there is no evidence that the Russians had anything to do with helping Julian Assange get that info, Podesta foolishly did it all himself. It is almost clear that the hacking of the Democratic Committee was an inside job. (True and efficient hacking is done with stolen or purchased passwords, not algorithms)  In October President Obama dismissed voter fraud by saying that our election process was too decentralized to be effectively hacked and that even if it were possible, noting that much of the voting system isn't even on the internet, you couldn't have enough fraud to effect the outcome. "So Donald Trump should stop whining and go out and get the votes," he said.  Now however Obama is singing a different tune. The Obama Administration has released a year old report that purports, but does not prove, there nay have been Russian involvement. The new Congress, will be busy trying to investigate this stuff so let me move on to the last card before the inauguration. (Opps-I  forgot the "recount" card; that failed too) The "electoral college" card, which be played on Monday Dec 19th, when the state electors meet to certify the Electoral College totals. .It is the final step before Donald Trump's victory is official.  Nine Democrats and one Republican hope to derail the hopes of the American people by preventing Trump from getting the votes required to become the 45th President. They will fail. He will be sworn in on January 20th and then the Democrats will play the rest of their cards: The "filibuster card" to slow the appointments of Cabinet Secretary's and Judges. The "sand in the gears" card to slow down the Legislative process. The "legal action" card to curtail Trump's overturning of executive orders and the implementation of new ones. The "media" card to slander and spread gossip about Trump, his staff and the Republicans in Congress. And finally at some point they will try the "impeachment" card. There are many cards in the Democrat deck of dirty tricks, but they will fail because there is no higher card in the deck than the Trump card.