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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Democrat Group Think; The Weapon of Choice

What is it with liberals? Whenever conservatives make a legitimate observation about a problem Democrats turn it into a group think argument about race, religion, gender or immgration just to name a few. For example take the latest furor over Islam and Islamic refugees from North Africa. Donald Trump suggested we halt immigration of Muslim refugees until we get a handle on the situation. Democrats, and Republicans who polish their apples, turned this into an insult to all Muslims thereby implying that Trump's statement was one of being anti-Muslim rather than being pro-security. This is  the Democrat playbook. It applies to race, religion, gender and immigration: So I wanted to provide Democrats with a little guide to understanding conservative criticism:
A- Criticizing Muslim terrorist's is not a criticism of all Muslims only those who practice terror.
B- Criticizing a minority group for its action is not a criticism of all minorities, only those that practice illegal action.
C- Critcizing a women for her action is not a criticism of all women, only the one specified.
D- Critcizing illegal immigrants is not a criticism of all immigrants, only those that are here illegally whether they entered illegally, over-stayed their visa or committed fraud to enter the country.

Understanding this is extremely important especially if you are an immigrant or a minority. Democrats have used this group think psychology for 50 years to keep immigrants in the shadows, minorities locked in little isolated communities with poor schools, no jobs and a future dependent on Democrat handouts. Democrats have rigged this system the same way they rigged the Primary so that Hilary can't lose. They want to secure the future of their political power at the expense people's lives and the future of their children. If you think that's a lie look at any Democratically-controlled city. Things in common include Sanctuary City status, impoverished neighborhoods, poor schools, high crime and no jobs. If you understand Democrat group think you can escape and vote in your own interest, which is to vote Republican. Wise up and be free, independent and better off.