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Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Russians Are Coming

There can't be a single non-partisan observer that couldn't see this coming. The Democrats laid the plan for the Putin Card (You remember, The Democrat's Dirty Trick deck (see below)) last Spring. All through the Primary campaign and the summer Hillary Clinton, her campaign staff and her lapdog press corps continually connected Donald Trump to Putin. She went as far as to call Trump a Putin puppet in a Presidential Debate. In August the Obama Administration announced the report signed off on by our 17 intelligence agencies that indicated the possibility of Russia trying to effect America's election process. On August 28th I tweeted "The Obama Administration is already preparing for a Trump victory by saying Russians have hacked into some state election systems." On September 15th,  I said "I predicted the Russian/DNC hack connection to Trump by Hilary two weeks ago. Even before the election the Democrats were playing the Putin Card."  On Oct 11th,  I tweeted  "Democrats now consistently playing the Trump-Putin conspiracy gambit because they can't beat @real Donald Trump on the issues."  On October 16th,  I tweeted "Trump will win in 2016 - Democrats will contest based on the Russian fiction created by Obama and Democrats." The point is, as I said earlier, this was entirely predictable.  Another Tweet: "With two weeks to go Obama is already preparing to contest the results if Trump wins by blaming the Russians." So here we are; The Electoral College has confirmed the result of the 2016 Presidential Election and Trump will become President on Jan 20th. But still the Democrat establishment, which includes Obama's Executive Branch agencies including the CIA and FBI, The Democrat party apparatus, and a compliant mainstream media, continues to play the Putin Card in the hope of eroding confidence in Trump and destroying his Presidency before it starts. Let me make another prediction: Time and investigation will show WikiLeaks and the Podesta emails and Hillary herself are what really destroyed her chances in the 2016 Election. The hacking of the Democrat National Committee was done by an insider who gave the emails to WikiLeaks. Podesta gave up his own emails through a "phishing" email that requested he change his password-he fell for it. In the same way Saddam Hussein was said to have nuclear weapons, Putin is said to be the hacker-in-chief who hacked our election system to engineer a Trump victory. An investigation will prove Putin and the Russians had nothing to do with Podesta's emails or the DNC hack, What those emails showed would destroy any candidacy.  I would point out that until Hillary lost the election even Obama said our system couldn't be hacked enough to alter the results since most of our polling places aren't even online or connected to the internet. So there you have it. The Russian Gambit, The Putin Card; call it what you want. One more prediction: Despite their gargantuan effort to destroy the Trump Presidency it will fail.