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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Two Cents for Romney

Since everybody has advice for Mitt Romney I thought I would offer a little. The kind he is likely to get from someone more likely to be in the audience rather than behind the curtain. Your cause is a righteous one. America is not cruising along. It is in trouble of all kinds. It has national and international problems of all types and, disappointingly so, there is no leadership. In the absence of leadership, the vacuum will be filled.

• When questioned about the 47% Romney should explain that it is the 47% of the electorate that experts predict will vote for Obama. It does not include all those who receive government assistance, but it does include those who game the system and are really not paying their fair share. You cannot say people aren’t gaming the system. I do not know how much of the 47% are, but I bet there are some. When Obama asks for a number say "Your President, what do you think?"

• When questioned about the declining unemployment rate Romney should point out that it is still very high and that Obama promised it would be no higher than 5% if Congress passed the stimulus. He should add that experts say unemployment will not reach pre-recession levels until 2020 if we do not act.

• When questioned about Social Security and ObamaCare, Romney should point out the country wants to re-discuss ObamaCare now that we are finally learning what is in it, and that many of our Social Security and Medicare issues can be dealt with increased growth, which creates more revenue for both programs.

• When Obama brings up GM it should be pointed out despite the bailout, all the original stock and bondholders were wiped out and that after a little more than a year, its new stock has lost more than a third of its value, not to mention the mediocre success of the Volt, whose production is on and off like a water faucet. Romney should also remind voters of the federal stake in GM stock and how much of the loan has not been repaid.

• If Obama says Osama Bin Laden is dead, Romney should say that Al Qaeda is alive and well and demonstrating it for us all the time, most recently in Benghazi. Romney should also hold Obama accountable for the confusion and coverup between the White House, State Dept. and intelligence services.

• When questioned about energy Romney should point out the $90 billion has already been poorly spent on green energy and it is still in the research phase and not an adequate solution at this point. In contrast fossil fuel, produces the cheapest, most efficient energy and is one of the biggest commercial sources of tax income to government at all levels. The Keystone pipeline, fracking, drilling and refining are vital to our energy security and means millions of new jobs in the energy sector. Romney should point out that Obama's failure to approve Keystone and his failure to reign in the power of the EPA on oil leases and fracking on government property is hurting the nation. Energy security and self-reliance are attainable and laudable goals for our nation.

Good Luck, Mitt.