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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Romney Hits and Misses

While Mr. Romney held his own in this last debate I thought he missed a few items on which I would have not let the President slide.
  • Why did the President tell the world at the United Nations that the video was responsible for Libya when it was apparent to almost everyone that it wasn’t?
  • Why did Obama approve letting 11 of Iran’s major trading partners not apply sanctions for economic reasons, which he claimed is the entire reason for sanctions?
  • Mr. Romney also failed to point out that as President, Mr. Obama has never gone to Israel despite his claims of friendship and support, and his criticism of Romney’s trip.
Romney did not win last night in my view, but he held his own. However, the President proved he can be an unpleasant, nasty adversary and small man even in circumstances where it is not required. Romney was defintely Presidential enough.