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Monday, November 22, 2010

Al Gore and Arnold Speak Truth to Power

Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks "climate gate" was a setback. Al Gore finally comes to the realization that using ethanol for fuel was a mistake. Just last week the Chicago Futures Market reported it is considering a shut down of its carbon trading desk. These are all signs that America is beginning to come to its senses on the entire climate catastrophe concept. There is no catastrophe taking place. People have been taking cruises to Alaska for at least 50 years to watch the glaciers melt. Using that annual event as a prop to support a theory designed to make money has finally been exposed. The simple fact than ethanol requires more energy to create than it provides is reason enough not to use it for fuel. Considering it has driven up the price of food for people and livestock substantially is another reason. After years of supporting ethanol in the Congress Al Gore finally realizes it’s a mistake. It should be clear by now to all but the most obtuse individuals that the warming and cooling of the planet is a natural process and while humans are smart to discover and use clean energy it only makes sense when the energy being used is more efficient than our current sources of power. This is not the case for the current crop of alternatives including wind, solar and battery-power. None of these energy-producing methods are as efficient as fossil fuel. The one source that is as efficient requires extensive and complicated systems to use it: nuclear power. Even coal, the most polluting fuel is more efficient than any of the so-called progressive alternatives. Now it is up the U.S. Congress to reign in the environmental fanatics at the EPA at both the federal and state level. America’s economy must be allowed to recover so it can have the resources to continue the search for cleaner, more efficient energy.