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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stop the Obama Tax Increase

Letting the Bush tax cuts expire is an Obama tax increase no matter how they try to dress the pig. This was thenewnarrative's first tweet today. It was inspired by a news story that noted the Democratic House and Senate have not yet considered extending the so-called Bush Tax Cuts. However this view is meant to imply that if taxes are increased it will be Bush's fault, which has been the typical Obama strategy on most thorny issues since he was elected. It has been a great fallback position for every Obama failure and shortcoming. It would be the ultimate coup to blame an Obama tax increase on George W. Bush. Obviously his supporters in the mainstream media and press want to assist him in that goal. The American people must remember it was a Democratic filibuster than put the sun setting provision in the original tax cut bill. The Republicans were forced to compromise. Now as the time for ending the tax cuts approaches there is widespread agreement it will hurt the economy and be the largest income tax increase in the history of the nation. Stop the Obama tax increase.