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Friday, October 1, 2010

When Will Andrew Cuomo Come Out of Hiding?

Carl Paladino, the Republican hopeful in the New York Governor's race, is having a hard time getting Andrew Cuomo to come out and play in the state's political sandbox. You have to empathize with the Democratic would-be Governor, whose fingerprints are all over the Housing collapse and the financial collapse that followed in its wake. As the former Director of HUD he made many decisions that, in hindsight, have proven to be mistakes. Except for his revenge-motivated campaigns against David Patterson and Elliot Spitzer, he has done very little for those he is sworn to protect. Paladino deserves a fair up and down debate with Cuomo. The Attorney-General and the Republican nominee must not be allowed to replace serious discussion of the issues with vicious personal attacks and clever one-liners. Politics ain't beanbag.