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I have an axe to grind, but unlike the New York Times, I freely admit it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Another Plouffe Piece

I have asked in previous writings whether or not David Plouffe is on drugs or does he just think that way naturally? Today he said in the Washington Post that anything short of a full sweep of the Congress and all the Governor's races would be a "colossal failure" for the Republicans. To be precise he said this: "By their definition, success is winning back the House, winning back the Senate and winning every major governor's race. When you've got winds this strong in your favor, that's the kind of election you need to have - or it should be considered a colossal failure." Not so fast Mr. Plouffe. The Republicans just need to take control of one chamber to be in a position to temper some of the policies being proposed by the President and Democratic special interest groups. The Democrats do not get to decide what is required to declare victory. You do not get to decide whether or not it is a disgrace. The American voters get to decide. Many of them would be happy to just have some adults in the room.