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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tea Party Bizarro World

The Democrats are employing several strategies to maintain their majority in the House. In a new twist to the plain old stealing the vote techniques of the past, this year Dems are creating pseudo-Tea Party candidates to siphon votes from Republican primary chosen candidates. Some examples include Congressional races in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida. The basic idea is put up a candidate identifying him or herself as part of the Tea Party. They redirect votes for Republican primary winners to the pseudo Tea Party candidate resulting in a victory for the Democrat. This technique has been revealed and confirmed in the four states listed above. Unfortunately it is not illegal. But knowing that the voting process is being whittled down to who cheats the best is enough of a reason to vote out the practitioners of these techniques. Namely the Democratic candidates in the races mentioned above. This little bulletin has resulted in pushing the upcoming Obama trip to India below the fold, but you should read it. “The Obama’s Trip the Light Fantasitic.”